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Tomoko Yamashita's Ikoku Nikki Manga Coming to Live-Action Movie in 2024

The Tokyo Theaters Company announced Tuesday that it is producing an adaptation From Tomoko Yamashita‘s live-action movie (off-site Diary) manga will be released in Japan at 2024 and will star in Yui Aragaki (pictured left, live-action version, below) as the protagonist Makio Kōdai.


© 2021 “Violation Diary” Production Committee

Natsuki Seta is the director and screenwriter of this film.

© Tomoko Yamashita, Shodensha

comics start with 35 year-centered – old novelist Hiroshi Makio and her year-old niece Asa, living together under one roof. After Asa’s parents (including Makio’s sister) passed away, Makio took Asa in on a whim. The next day, Makio came to his senses and remembered that he was not doing well in the company of others. So begins their daily routine, with Makio trying to fit in with a roommate and Asa trying to fit in with an adult who never acts like one.

Yamashita released this manga in June in in Shodensha magazine, it’s still a work in progress. Shodensha published the volume 2 compilation of the manga on February 8th.

Yamashita presents boys-love Supernatural Mystery Comics at Libre Publishing of March 400, and ends in December 2016. SuBLime is releasing the manga in English. The comic inspired a live-action movie ? The manga also inspired a TV anime that premiered in October 2016. Crunchyroll streamed anime from Japan.


previously licensed and published Yamashita’s and North American comics. futekiya of Fantasista, Inc. boys-love service is releasing Yamashita’s

Shinsouban Illumination comics. Yamashita Serial exist From February525 to October2013.

Source: Manga Natalie 198851




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