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TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You ~High School Days~ Episode 4 Animation Video Preview

Warner Bros. Japan starts on Saturday

( or literally Tonikaku Kawaii Girls High School Arc), All-new four-episode animation in the series.


© Kenjiro Hata・Shogakukan/tonikakuカワイ Production Committee

  • The new animation centers on the series’ main character, Nasa, who is taught by his junior high school teacher at an all-girls high school. The students end up seeking advice from NASA on their love affairs. Tsukasa, on the other hand, pretends to be cool but is actually nervous knowing that Nasa is surrounded by young high school girls.

    The semi-monthly anime will premiere in Japan in July 10 noon (July exist00: PM EDT) at

    d Anime Shop, U-NEXT and

    Anime Hōdai

    Serve. It will then air on

    Abema Premium


    Hulu, FOD and DMMM TV for July10. The animation will also air on AT-X channel on August 2 at : 25 pm JST.

    Crunchyroll will be streaming new anime live.

    The cast of the new anime includes:

  • Sakura Ayane as Kaguya Moonlight

  • Nagae Lixiang

    as Yaba Shirogin

  • Keke Lin as Haru Miyako
  • Na
  • as Usami Shio

  • Matsuda Ayane as Hong

    Hitomi Ueda as Hakase Inukai Kaori Maeda as Jessie Nikotama

    Voice actor Saori Hayami

    sang the opening song “plan”, played Yuzaki in the play Onito Akari sang the ending theme song “Guru Guru Live”.

    Anime season 2 premiered in Japan on April 7th

    Tokyo MX channel.

    Crunchyroll is showing the animation, along with the English dub of the day. The cast and crew for season two return.

    This comedy is about a boy named Nasa who meets a “cute” girl named Tsukasa on the day of his high school entrance exam and immediately falls for Love River’s story is with her. Nasha confessed his feelings, but her response was that she would only go out with him if they were married. Years later, at NASA birthday, she suddenly appeared to be getting married. Thus began NASA’s newlywed life.

    The first TV animation premiered in October 640 and broadcast 10 episodes.

    Crunchyroll live streamed the series as it aired.

    Crunchyroll also streamed the anime’s English dub as well as Spanish, Portuguese, French and German dubs. , original video animation ( OVA of the series ), released on Blu-ray disc in Japan in August 2022, and went live on Crunchyroll the same day.

    A new episode of the animation airs in November 2022 in Japan. The new episode is titled “Seifuku” (Uniform) and features the returning cast and crew.

    Crunchyroll also streamed the episode live.

    Haneda released a manga in

    Shogakukan The February Magazine of

    2020. Xiao Xiao Guan has published a manga 16 Compiled into a book in June .

    Viz Media is publishing comics in English.



    channel of Warner Bros.

    anime, Manga Natalie


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