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TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You Season 2 ‒ Episode 7

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TONIKAWA: at The Moon For You (TV 2)?

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I never thought the show would introduce a potential romantic lesbian, but I think here we are. This episode was fun because aside from all the usual funny and casual antics, I was actually getting an insight into what Nasa was like before he met Tsukasa. We do get a rough idea of ​​what Tsukasa was like when the show first started; we know he’s a hard worker, and when he’s focused on something for a long time, he usually has a narrow vision at times, whether it’s his The job is still his wife. But we’ve always thought of him as a typical overly romantic guy who always speaks his mind. The fact that we got a point from a former classmate who basically said she could never imagine that old version of NASA ever acting the way he does now is pretty funny and kind of makes me wish we had more Lots of flashbacks about growing up at NASA from someone else’s point of view. It’s actually kind of funny that the show never did much with the idea, considering we keep running into random characters from his past.

Some people will never understand what this means There’s absolutely nothing wrong with falling in love, and other people might start out that way until they actually meet the right person. Everyone’s different, and while I think it’s cute to have Nasa’s friend contemplating whether she should suddenly start looking for a wife because she’s enamored by Nasa’s overly involved conversation about how much he likes his wife’s smell, I bear it I can’t help feeling that we don’t need that. It would be nice to have a standalone character, away from all the cute wholesome stuff, while still appreciating it. But I don’t think that’s the kind of story the show is interested in telling.

Although there is a mystery hanging around Tsukasa (I’m shocked that we’re still in the realm of teasing it rather than jumping straight into it, especially since the season is almost over), TONIKAWA has always been more interested in the little things. As someone who lives in an area where the summer heat is starting to pick up, I took the whole section about installing air conditioning and trying to sleep at the perfect temperature a little too much. It’s a stream of awareness, which I appreciate, but you guys also hate calling me out like that! While waiting for next week’s episodes to air, I might as well install the air conditioner right now.




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