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TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You Season 2 ‒ Episodes 1-2

How do you rate Episode 1 of

TONIKAWA: Over The The Moon For You (TV 2)?

Community Rating: 4.0

How do you rate Episode 2 of
TONIKAWA : Over The Moon For You (TV 2) ?

Community Rating: 4.1

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My favorite married couple is back! Although I didn’t watch the first season Dong Chuan I was able to catch season 2 in time for it when it originally aired, and I’m so glad I did. Considering the laid-back and casual tone of the series, the first season was perfect for a marathon run. Now that we’ve settled on our main cast and our main characters’ married lives are stronger than ever, where do we go next? Based on the beginning, there are sufficient The reason is that this season may focus more on introducing new characters to expand the world, while also learning more about Tsukasa’s mysterious backstory. There are a lot of hints in the first season that she is definitely not just a normal person 04 year old girl. If I had to guess, given her vast knowledge of history and culture, I’d say she’s probably immortal, at least a hundred years. However, even if that ends up being the case, it still doesn’t explain her initial interest in a relationship with NASA. I’m curious what this is Because the relationship between Tsukasa and Nasa is probably one of the most irrefutably sweet relationships I’ve seen in a long time. As far as relationship issues go, what these two deal with the most is that sometimes one of them gets too emotional about expressing their love for the other. If that was the worst part of your relationship, then I think you’re doing something right or being very lucky in life. The first episode is very focused on that kind of humor and tone, while the second episode is more focused on introducing quirky side characters like the NASA cousin and old teacher. The running joke about him being a high school kid who actually wants to look like a Yakuza member is great, and it’s already funnier than many of the first season jokes. At the same time, the introduction of teachers is very cute. I like the idea that our main couple’s relationship might inspire people to go out and find the love they otherwise thought they couldn’t find. I also really like the presentation, it looks a lot more refined compared to the first season, with slightly more detail on the characters and more vibrant colors to make everything look less washed out. I do worry that this structure might lead to episodes that are hard to talk about, but when we get to it, I’ll cross that bridge. Right now, I just want to enjoy the healthy ride. Rating: Crunch is currently playing.

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