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Too Cute Crisis Anime Reveals Extra Cast

Mitsuru Kido‘s TV anime adaptation staff’ s

() The manga revealed more during the anime’s early screening Multiple actors and Saturday talk show events. Additional cast for the anime include: (Romanization of character names not confirmed)

Kenichi Ogata as Mikiti Furupururin, Azatos Army spaceship captain

© Mitsuru Kido/Shueisha・カウイスギクライシス Production Committee
mitora mikiti Takehito Koyasu as Shamil Naga, the most powerful member of Azatos’ army

©Kirodo Mitsuru/Shueisha・カウイスギクライシス Production Committee


Kyōka Moriya as Mitra Lil, a new female soldier in Azatos’ army

    Combat Unit


    © Mitsuru Kido/Shueisha・カウイスギクライシス Production Committee


Reina Ueda as Komachi Kokage, Liza’s high school neighbor who has a dog named Maru-chan

s cat

©Kirodo Mitsuru/Shueisha・カウイスギクライシスProduction Committee


Nene Hieda as Nazuna Endō, a A Shiba Inu girl named Mamehiko
  • ©Kirodo Mitsuru/Shueisha・カウイスギクライシスProduction Committee
  • kokage

    Main actors of the anime include: Natsumi Fujiwara as Yozora, Yumiri Hanamori as Liza Luna, Jin Ogasawara

    as Seiji Mukai, Saya Aizawa plays Kasumi Yanagi. Previously announced cast members include: (Romanization of character names not confirmed) Ayasa Ito as Garumi Lou

      Yume Miyamoto as Rasta Cole mitora

    • Yuichi Nakamura As Amatoroy

    Reina Kondo

    as Fianna Tierley

  • Hikaru Midorikawa as Mitsuhiko Azumi
    cute Miyu Tomita

    as Sasara Azumi

    ©Kirodo Mitsuru/Shueisha・カウイスギクライシス Production Committee

    The anime will be held on April 7th at

  • Tokyo MX Premieres at : Before airing on JST in the afternoon BS Asahi

    and cute Kansai Television .

    Jun Hatori

    () is directing the anime at Synergy SP. Aya Satsuki () for series composition and script, and Mayumi Watanabe (, ) Characters are being designed. Jun Narita (, ) and Yūsuke Seo ( ) Composer, Haruko Seto () Color design, Chiho Wada(Assistant Art Director of ) is Art Director, Hiroki Tsubouchi () is the director of photography and Murai Xiuming (, ) is editing. Nozomi Nakatani (Sound Production Manager, ) is the Sound Supervisor, And Yuka Kazama

    () is in charge of the sound effects. cute Bit Grooove Promotion

    is in charge of sound effects production,

    Pony Canyon was responsible for the music production. DIALOGUE+ will sing the anime’s ending song “Nyanbori de Moffi!!”.

    This sci-fi comedy follows Liza Luna, who is sent to Earth by the space empire Azatos. At first, she thought it would be good if the earth was destroyed, because the level of civilization on the earth was very low. However, after a stop at a cafe, she encounters a cat and is struck by her cuteness.

    Kido Launched on Manga Shueisha ‘s October issue 10. The manga is also on . cute Shueisha will publish the manga volume 7 on April 4 .

    2019 Source: Anime’s website, MoCa News





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