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Top 10 Information Management Stories of 2022

Data for good is a big theme in Computer Weekly’s Top 10 Information Management Stories of 2022.

At the planetary level, you can read about using a graph database to track space junk that poses a threat to life on Earth. You can also find a group of Scottish schoolchildren deploying sensors in their local environment to generate data as part of an elaborate climate change project at the University of Edinburgh. This aims to form the data scientists that society will need in the coming decades.

Meanwhile, the UK data community today mobilized to provide medical kits for civilian casualties of the war in Ukraine.

This list contains an interview with a leader driving the professionalization of data science: Rachel Hilliam, president of the Alliance of Data Science Professionals. She strongly advocates that data science is not just a passing fad. “A few years ago, we had a very quiet big data revolution. But I think this is here to stay, partly because it’s not a completely new discipline. Disciplinary umbrella.”

Back in Scotland, Scottish Data Lab CEO Brian Shils explains, similarly, why he believes the organization’s mission is less about data than Say yes to changing lives by providing people with career opportunities.

The list also includes a profile of a woman who came from a humble background and went on to become CEO of an executive at a data management company. I’m Christal Bemont, CEO of Talend, as I reflect on what it’s like to stand in solidarity with colleagues through difficult times and offer core advice for being your authentic self: Be yourself.

Her’s own company is an expert in data integration, which remains one of the toughest challenges in business intelligence and analytics. Achieving it is technically and organizationally complex, and its importance is growing all the time. This feature explores the almost Sisyphean challenges that data integration represents. “Companies looking to maximize the value of their business data must still address data quality and integrity issues, provide a consistent and timely flow of data to BI and analytics applications, and ensure business leaders act on the insights from these applications. They This needs to be done with skills that are still in short supply.” It’s a daunting task, but this feature has some hints, synthesized from analysts’ recommendations.

An emerging and developing approach to gaining better business value from data is to embed analytics – based on in-house applications, often real-time, and driven by APIs – — As a way to get to the next level of business intelligence

Elsewhere on this list, you can find data analytics that drive wind turbines to generate electricity and illuminate fuel-starved states in the UK.

Here are Computerweek’s top 10 information management stories of 2022.

1. UT Graph Database Reveals Space Junk

Moriba Jah, Director of Computational Astronautics Science and Technology at the Auden Institute at UT Austin, says he won’t enter willingly space. “No, it’s not me, man.”

He leads a team of aerospace engineers at the University of Texas at Austin who built AstriaGraph, a graph database to track threats to humanity in space Rubbish. life on earth.

2. University of Edinburgh to extend IoT Data Science to students in South East Scotland

University of Edinburgh is part of a 15-year mission to Scotland’s students train future data scientists It’s located in South East Scotland.

It is leading an initiative backed by the Scottish and UK governments that is also linked to climate change. At its core, it uses Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to collect environmental data for analysis by schoolchildren.

3. Data and Tech Aid Pledges 10,000 First Aid Kits to Ukrainian Civilians

A data tech community fundraiser pledges 10,000 to civilian casualties in Russia’s war on Ukraine a first aid kit.

Data and Technical Assistance (DATA) is working with the KSE (Kyiv School of Economics) Foundation, a philanthropic partner in Ukraine. Data and Tech Aid is calling for donations from individuals and businesses to fund the toolkits.

4. Interview: Rachel Hilliam, President of the Alliance of Data Science Professionals

Rachel Hilliam talks about the origin, mission and future plans of the Alliance of Data Science Professionals.

5. Brian Hills, CEO of Scottish Data Labs, on his life-changing ambitions

Scottish Data Labs Chief Executive Brian Hills told Computer Weekly why he believes the organization’s mission is not just about data but more about changing lives by providing people with career opportunities.

6. Christal Bemont, CEO of Talend: Show yourself

Christal Bemont, CEO of data management company Talend, reflects on spending time with colleagues in solidarity Difficult times, and how data quality takes on even greater importance in the digital age.

7. Data integration is complex and business critical

Integrating data is one of the toughest challenges in business intelligence and analytics – make it happen It’s technically and organizationally complex, and at the same time it’s getting important all the time. We accept some solutions to the problem.

8. The emergence of embedded analytics provides new levels of business intelligence

Analytics vendors are increasingly offering embedded Analytics – based on internal applications, often in real time and driven by APIs – as a way to get to the next level of business intelligence.

9. How Data Analytics Drives Wind Turbine Power Generation

Data analytics and related software are behind the booming wind turbine industry, with predictive maintenance particularly important. We figure out how.

10. ODI fuel poverty survey reveals young people most at risk .



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