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Top 10 must-see exhibitions in 2023

find a tough guy
: March 2nd to June ,

Venue: London Photographers Gallery

It’s hard to find a good guy! END OF CHART Weird photographs of the male body made in London in the twentieth century. Taking a fresh approach, the exhibition highlights key areas of London that are the focus of attention for men looking for men to photograph. It maps out an area of ​​risk and possibility between Highgate, Chelsea and Wellington Barracks, Soho, Brixton, Portobello and Euston. Within each site, artists of all stripes can be found creating radical work on queer sensibilities and the male body. The exhibition also includes catalogs, print order forms, personal photo albums, magazines and publications to explore how these photographs were circulated, exchanged and shared. Will bring together photos made for business, creative and personal purposes, A Hard Man is Good to Find! eliminates hierarchies, creating non-linear historical narratives and brokers are less likely to be adjacent.

© Collection Sara Knelman, Ms. Reader

Le Plaisir du Texte
Time: March 28 – September18, 2023

Location: MBAL, Le Locle

This group exhibition aims to explore the relationship between images and words in art. From the intimate pleasure of reading presented through masterpieces from the MBAL collection (e.g. Albert Anker, Pierre Bonnard, Alexandre Girod), the program progresses towards the slow and gradual linguistic invasion of images through the creations of international contemporary artists (Lenora de Barros, Philippe Decrauzat, Nora Turato et al). Photographs, videos, sculptures, concrete poems, all mediums mark this rich and playful exhibition, inviting the viewer to explore his relationship with the word.
A series of exhibitions accompanying conferences and performances, including “États généraux du magazine” (April 18 and 28 at the club 29 and MBAL).




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