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Top 10 TikToks of 2022

This video features a toddler anxiously (then angrily) responding “I’m just a baby!” Her mom’s instructions were…how shall I put it….. .I. I know it’s not cute for grown women to self-infantify, but listen, if the Supreme Court were to treat me like an infant who couldn’t make medical decisions for herself, I would act like one. Yes, I somehow made this article about Roe v. Wade. No, I don’t regret it.

Corn Kid remix

Omg I love 2nd Grader Tariq Yes Corn’s lovable enthusiasm has gone viral on TikTok in remix form, and this year even earned him a New York Times profile for his cuteness alone. “I can’t think of anything more beautiful than TikTok itself,” he said of corn, and frankly, I can’t think of anything more beautiful than TikTok itself. (The synopsis describes Tariq’s video as “exploding like a kernel in a pan of hot oil. It’s the perfect recipe for virality: one part cute kid, one part delicious food, with catchy wholesome snippets in it. , great for plugging in.”)

Lizzo the choreo instructor

This singer has reason to get tired of watching By the time you dance and clap “about damn time” wrong, she’s here to correct you and your wrong ways. Brittany Spanos of The Rolling Stones brought the TikTok dance back to Lizzo’s “About Damn Time” directing in May Undoubtedly sparking millions of imitations worldwide.

High School Musical Revealed

Why I’m Really Crying These Teens Because Their Teacher Revealed so excited about their annual musical ? Art Education Forever! Choir teacher Miles Finn, who lives in Iowa, told Good Morning America , “”I decided to throw a little bait and switch over there and let our musical be Doing … not actually being on the board, [which] really got them into trouble. “Well, well, it works for me too, I’m turning thirty, so…

Help Tom get back on his feet

This viral TikTok about a formerly homeless man finds a job he actually loves after $

,000 Raised by friends, a touching example of community care. Popularized by creator Isaiah Garza, a former homeless from a Mexican immigrant family Youth, who in recent years has been known for advocating for the homeless and “random acts of kindness — like giving a stranger a new phone, or taking a 97-year-old World War II veteran to Disney. “

Lava vs Ice

You’ll never guess who won this epic game duel, but I will tell you that ice is surprisingly hard to beat on the trail. (If I might be a nerd: When magma or lava cools enough, it solidifies or “freezes “to form igneous rocks. One difference between water freezing and magma freezing is that water freezes at 0°C whereas magma and lava freeze at 700°C and 1,97°C. Am I from looking like a kid’s geology textbook? Maybe.)




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