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Top 11 Features of the HX130LCR Compact Radius Excavator with Werk-Brau Bucket

11 Key Features of HX130LCR Compact Radius Excavator with Werk-Brau Bucket

December 9, 2020 | Product Knowledge

Hyundai dealer Alta Equipment shared a product spotlight video of the HX130LCR Hyundai Compact Excavator’s key features on its youtube channel. *

Thanks to Dave Wawrzyniec, ALTA Equipment Sales Rep, who created this walkthrough for a machine with 24″ wide triple browser rails, optional dozer blade, 7′ 5 ″ dipstick and optional Werk-Brau grab pin coupler/30″ bucket.

” with Werk -Brau pin grab coupler/30″ bucket combo connected to 7 ft 5 inch dipstick and the machine will give you a maximum dig depth of approximately 25 ft 3 inches and a maximum dig depth of 16 ft 6 inches,” explains Dave.

Protrusion of HX130LCR Compact Radius Excavator Features:

    • Auxiliary hydraulic circuit powers excavator attachments such as crusher and thumb (:33 seconds)
    • Easy access to your air filter for routine maintenance – (1:12 seconds)

    • Beautiful, spacious cab (1:25 sec)

    Plenty of handles in and out of the machine (1:33 sec)

  • “Easy” excavator front window (1:36 sec) Air Seat (1:40 sec)
  • Fully adjustable armrests – front and rear so any size operator can feel comfortable and place the joystick on their desired position (1:46 sec) Easy to operate machine controls (1:59 sec) Equipped with modern Hi MATE remote information monitoring system, (free for the first 5 years) (2:02 seconds)
  • Backup camera available using AAVM Quad Camera System (2:05 sec)

  • 3 Years / 3,000 Hours Whole Unit Warranty / 5 Years / 10,000 Hours Structural Warranty (2:14 sec)

    For details HX130 LC R Modern machines with Werk-Brau bucket attachment, contact Dave Wawrzyniec,

  • Sales Representative, ALTA Equipment*.

    *Note: Martin Implement is now part of ALTA device group. Other modern machines are also available.



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