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Top 3 judged in All-Star voting update

All-Star voting update: Intense competition highlights race for starting spot

Sko A day after the second phase of MLB All-Star voting began, we got our first look at the voting for this year’s All-Star starters.

Ronald Acuna Jr. of the Braves and Shohei Ohtani of the Angels earned their starting spots by leading votes in the National League and American League respectively in the first period. The rest of the All-Star starters will be revealed Thursday at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN.

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The second phase of voting will continue until noon ET on Thursday. Each fan can only vote once 14 They want to see the hour of the Midsummer Classic on the MLB platform time. The total number of votes from the first phase did not carry over.
The following is the current standings of the second stage.

American League

First base

    Yangdi Diaz, Ray: 23%

  1. Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Blue Jays: 31%

    Guerrero( Human Resources Department, .723 OPS) leads all AL first basemen in first period voting, but Diaz ( human Resources,.805 OPS) There are players who have led the AL first base start in the last two All-Star games early in the second period. Evan Longoria, Carl Crawford and Corey Dixon are the Rays’ only position players to start in the All-Star Game #17;History.

    Second Base Markus Semien, Rangers: 40%

    Whit Merrifield , Blue Jays: 18%

    Rangers haven’t featured at all since Adrian Beltre, Josh Hamilton and Mike Napoli started Star Starter 927, but they have a number of finalists for the start of the year. Among them is Semien ( human Resources,.723 OPS), the percentage of votes he has received in his position so far Higher than any other AL finalist. His opponent was Merrifield, and Merrifield hit. 60 and10 Steal and .291 OPS 2021, this is his first time with the Blue Jays after being traded from the Royals to Toronto last summer. a full season.

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