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Top 5 remain strong in latest Power Rankings

1:50 AM UTC

The Yankees have had a hard time lately (to put it mildly), but they helped themselves over the weekend when they beat what could be their biggest threat in the AL East.

Yankees’ second-half spiral allowed the Rays, and to a lesser extent, the Blues The Birds ended a huge double-digit deficit in the division game not long ago. If the Rays swept the series in the Bronx this weekend, they would be just 1 1/2 games behind the shaky Yankees — an unimaginable situation just a few weeks ago.

But the Yankees widened the gap to lead the Rays by two-thirds The team’s 5 1/2 games, and they are one-sixth ahead of the Blue Jays. It’s not a comfortable lead, but the Yankees’ season series against the Rays is now complete, with three games remaining against the Blue Jays. They have 21 games remaining, 12 of which are against teams below 0.500. If the Yankees are looking for good news heading into the final stretch, the intensity of the schedule could be it.

Maximum jump: The White Sox jumped from No. 16 to No. 13 and No. 16 to No. 13. Including a loss in Oakland on Sunday, Chicago won nine of 13 games under acting manager Miguel Cairo, scoring more than six points per game while hitting 21 in that span. home run.

Maximum drop: The Brewers (14 to 16) and the Orioles (12 to 14) both dropped two spots. Baltimore opened a home game last week, losing three-quarters to Toronto and then two-thirds to the Red Sox.

1) Dodgers (96-43; last week: 1)
The Dodgers beat the Padres on Sunday to become the first team to earn a playoff berth this season. This part is a given, like winning the NL West division, which should happen soon. The Dodgers’ magic number dropped to 2, securing their ninth NL West title in the past 10 seasons. It could happen as early as Tuesday. The Dodgers have won 112 games this season at a rate of 112, and their running differential is +310 — more than 100 games ahead of the Yankees, who are second with +206.

2) Astronaut (90-50; last week: 2)
The Astros won their 90th game in their 140th and reunited with the Angels on Sunday. It was the second-fewest games needed to reach 90 wins in franchise history. Only the 2019 team (90 wins from 139 games) did it faster. Plus, Houston’s 35-11 win over the left-handed starter this season is the best in MLB.

3) Warriors (87-53; last week: 3)
The Warriors lost to the Mariners on Sunday, 1 1/2 behind the No. 1 Mets in the NL East. Before Seattle lost their last two games, Atlanta was doing pretty well — they’ve won eight in a row, and they’re 23-7 since Aug. 9. It was the best stretch of that time in the major leagues.

4) Metropolis Team (89-52; Last Week: 4)
The Mets enjoyed a much-needed easy win in a 9-3 win over the Marlins on Sunday. The Mets went 20-6 in the final two games of the Miami series. Personally, Francisco Lindor is a home run with Asdrúbal Cabrera (23 in 2016) in a single season at the Mets shortstop Get the most home runs. Lindor already has the most RBIs for the Mets shortstop in history with 91.

5) Cardinals Team (83-58; Last Week: 5)
A lot is happening in St. Louis these days. The Cardinals are running away with the NL Central — they’re eight games ahead of the Brewers — and Albert Pujols is threatening to hit the 700-homer threshold before he calls it a career. He passed Alex Rodriguez with the No. 697 on Sunday, and if he gets three more games (the Cardinals have 21 games left in the regular season), he will join Barry Bonds, Hank A. Len joined Babe Ruth as the only players in MLB history to hit 700 home runs.

Remaining fields 30:

    Light (Last Week: 6)

  1. Sailor(8)
  2. Yankees (7)

  3. Blue Jays (9)
  4. Padres (10) Phillies (11) ) Guardian (13)

  5. White Sox (16)
  6. Orioles (12)
  7. Twins (15)
  8. Brewing Division (14) Red Sox (17)

  9. Giants (18)
  10. Defender (19)

Rangers (20)

  • Bear (22)
  • Angel (21)
  • Marlins (24) Rocky Mountains (23) Red Army (25) Royals (26)

  • Tiger (27)
  • Pirates (28 )

      A (29)

    1. Nationals (30 )

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