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'Top 5 TV shows': NBCUniversal shakeup and Emmy nominations preview

Welcome to the first episode of 12 from TV Top 5 , The Hollywood Reporter’s TV podcast.

Weekly, Host

Leslie Goldberg (West Coast TV Editor) and Daniel Feberg (Chief TV Critic) breaks down the latest TV news with context on business and key aspects, welcomes showrunners, executives and other guests, and provide key guidelines for viewing content (or skipping, as the case may be).

This week’s episode previews next week’s Emmy nominations, the recently released TCA nominations, and big changes for NBCUniversal. Plus a TV preview for July. Everything works like this:

1. Headlines

Cities canceled this week, sources say sex ed‘s finale is coming, “The Black Ladies Sketch Show” has wrapped its run, Freeform cut its original script in half, and Showtime has a big Chopped a handful.

2. Executive Carousel

NBCUniversal again made a major reorganization of its executive rotation this week to better unify its film and TV businesses while also giving NBC and Peacock different creative executives.

3. July TV Preview

“Afterparty”, “Full Circle”, “Us What to Do in the Shadows, The Foundation, Summer Beauty, The Wire, Minx, Futurama, Twisted Metal, Dark Winds and This Fool are the month’s major debuts.

4. Awards Season 2023 Start

Emmy nominations are July, but before Dan yells Rhea Seejon one last time, the nominations for the Television Critics Association’s annual awards are in. Can one person predict another?

5. Critic’s Corner

As usual, we wrap up with Dan’s thoughts on this week’s new returning series. In this episode he reviews The Horror of Dolores Roach, The Last Call and The Miracle Worker, and Leslie’s All-Star game against MLB.

Listen to it all now on Top 5

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