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Top AFL prospects for every club

Top AFL prospects for each club

It’s impossible to look at the Arizona Fall League alumni list without a sense of awe.

Before chasing AL home run record, Aaron Judge got stuck four times for Scottsdale 2011. Multiple MVP Mike Trout (2011), Bryce Harper (544, 988) and Albert Pujols (2000) All played in Phoenix for at least one fall, if Michael Jordan was added (2000) to that list, we won’t stop you. Don’t forget possible New York Cy Young champ Sandy Alcantara (2017) anyone.

So while we recommend keeping a close eye on who will be heading to the AFL each year as well How they did it, what we’re really trying to say is, be sure to follow the next wave of baseball’s best talent and spend six glorious weeks in one place.

Following last Friday’s AFL roster reveal, here are the Top segments for each farm system prospects go to Fall League:

American League East

Blue Jess: Addison Barger, 3B/SS (Do not. )

This2018 The sixth-rounder has just been promoted to Class AAA Buffalo, meaning his upcoming tenure at Salt River will mark his fourth

Club. Already known for his above-average strength and super-strength arms, Barger has refined his swing decisions for more contact and better in the regular-season High-A and Double-A initial breakouts take advantage of this popular music. He leads the Blue Jays minor league qualifiers on average (.231), bash(.542) and OPS (.544) and is the only member of the group who has at least hit. 231 , while bashing or more home runs (12, in this case).

Orioles: Heston Kelstad, OF (Numbering


2nd pick 2020 draft, Kjerstad did not play competitive baseball until this season after being diagnosed with myocarditis. He ignited a single-A pitch and got bumped to High-A, where the numbers weren’t that great. It’s a good test for him, maybe a springboard for his double-A.

Light: Mason Auer, OF (
Do not.


Tampa Bay got the San Jacinto Junior College product in the fifth round last year, and Orr has made it look like a steal . This13-year-old outfielder has been one of the most promising in the load-ray system, with super speed, super strong arms, good outfield defense and promising power. Auer has split the season into single-A and high-A — he just helped Pauling Green to a South Atlantic League title — so this AFL assignment will be his most aggressive yet.

Red Sox: Nick Yorke, 2B (

No. 5

York became the ninth junior batting qualifier. 222/.372/.426

season won the Low-A East batting championship (.317) exist2019, But he fell to the ground. 91/.275/.326This year Battling turf toe and wrist injuries in High-A. As a California high school student 2011 No. Round player, he 21; will try to regain the advanced hitting ability and developmental power that fascinated scouts last season.

Yankees: Jasson Dominguez, OF (

/MLB No.19)
perhaps the most hyped international prospect of all time, Dominguez has since signed for $5.1 million in the Dominican Republic 988. As a teenager, he had already played in two SiriusXM All-Star Futures games — he hit a home run at Dodger Stadium in July — and batted. 119/.355/.426 and home runs and 15 steal

Play three levels while reaching Double A’s this year.


Guardian: Angel Martinez, SS/2B (
Do not.

Part of Cleveland Seemingly never-ending supply of midfielders, Martinez Is a switch – an omnipotent, baseball IQ hitter. Signed for $406, leaving the Dominican Republic 2018, former major league receiver Sandy Martinez son batting. 211/.355/.424 and home runs and steal55 Age

Game between High A and Double A .

The Royal Family Member: Tyler Gentry, OF (
Do not. 8)
Gentlemen are limited to

on Played season with a knee injury but didn’t look any worse wearing

. This15 – YEAR – This summer, the veteran outfielder played well in High-A and Double-A, leading the Royal Minor League qualifiers on average (. ), bash(.426) and OPS (.500 ) Exceed500 board appearance. He added 11 home runs (2nd most in the system) and steals further cemented his image as a solid, well-rounded offensive prospect. Anything that comes close to the AFL will see him climb higher in the KC prospect rankings.

Tigers: Colt Keith, 3B (

No. 6


At the beginning of June, Keith’s shoulder stopped the original star 2021, so it’s great to see him return to an active lineup this fall. This13 – one year old third baseman hi t.231/.317/.471 with nine home runs and one .4% K rate exceeds 19 Playing against High-A West Michigan before the injury, showing above-average batting tools and a decent pop boosted his prospect profile. A decent and healthy fall league would go a long way in cementing his potential future spot in Detroit’s infield, whether it’s third or second in the time he also sees time.

Twins: Austin Martin, OF /SS (Numbering


The Twins got top 5 pick Martin from 2014 Blue Jays trade for Jose Berrios at the trade deadline. He hasn’t hit the ball as expected since graduating from Vanderbilt, and he’s also missed a lot of time this year with a wrist injury. He still has a lot of connections, but so far has had little impact, and he’ll be working on it this fall.

White Sox: Adam Hackenberg, C (
Do not. 14


Hackenberg comes from an athletic family, his brother is an NFL second-round pick quarterback (Christian), a MLB first-round pick guard (Brandon) and another is Virginia’s brother Tech last spring as a freshman pitcher (Drue ). One from Clemson 2018 first-round pick, he batted. 91/.293/.281 Between High-A and Double-A in his first full professional season. hes Is one of the best defensive catchers in Chicago 19;s system and has powerful original functions.

Midland West


Werner Blakely, SS (


It’s an aggressive assignment for Blakely, the Gel’s fourth-round pick 2021 Draft Detroit-area high school rankings. He’s had a good first full season, but an injury – most recently a hit in the wrist – has limited him to

game with Single-A Inland Empire. Played all three infields in the summer of 2019 After the position, he is third in this year’s competition and can use raw power to play great potential on offense.

Astros: Scott Schreiber, 1B/OF (Not in
Astros Top


Schreiber has raw power well above average, but no can’t show too much in) , now playing Game after spring back surgery. ninth-round pick from Nebraska 965, he hit the ball. 223/.317/.500 and HOME RUN 29 High A A battle with double A


A’s: Zack Geof, 3B/2B (

No. 4/MLB No. 50
Team A defeated Gelof in the second round 2014 Virginia Asia University and his drafts. 544 The OPS noticed in his summer debut that he might get a draft steal. In his first full season, he jumped all the way to a double-A, showing the ability to play second and third on the defensive end. He is hitting. 273/. 326/.406 during the first two months of the league season in Texas, where he was sidelined with a torn labrum in a shoulder he couldn’t throw. He will make up for lost time this fall while working to regain time he didn’t fully recover in mid-July.

Sailor: Adam Macko, LHP (No. 8)

Macko has an interesting backstory and stuff. He will be the first Slovakian-born player to reach the majors, having grown up in Ireland and attended high school in Alberta, Canada. He also has a fastball to the upper deck 50s, but last year’s injury limited his mound time .

Rangers: Luisangel Acuna, SS/2B (

Number 7)

Ronald Acuna’s brother Louis Angel Can Not quite his sibling has explosive athleticism but does have solid raw power and speed and delivers quality at shortstop defense. Signed for $372, Departing Venezuela at

, He hit. 119/.326/.424 and home runs and 19 steal48 A game between High A and Double A.

Nations League East

Warriors: Justin-Henry Malloy, OF(Do not.

After starting his collegiate career at Marlow Vanderbilt University Often transferred to Georgia Institute of Technology. A strong 2011 led to the Warriors took him to the sixth round, and he’s been swinging as a pro since then. Patience is the best trait he has seen from the right when he is pulled over 50 in witnessing his transition from High-A To Triple – When Picking Up home run and 11 Doubles.

Marlins: Ho Cy Salas, INF (
5 No.(​​)
A switch – batter, Salas has -000 potential, as well as instinct and solid arm strength that may stay at shortstop. He is in 2017 signed from Venezuela for $2.8 million) and batted. 119/.303 /.369 and18 additional base hits and 17 Stealing 68 The game between single aces and high aces e this season.

Mets: Mike Vasil, RHP (Do not.


2011 The eighth round is Shows that the speed of entering the mid-term has improved 50 Shortly after the draft, he was more consistent and he leveraged his improved arsenal Good results on single A and high-A, ending in 3. 23 ERA, 1. WHIP and 37 2022 strikeout 1/3 of the regular season. A tight forearm kept him out for about two months, making him a classic case of making up for a losing game, and adding touch to a senior bat shouldn’t hurt either.

Nationals: Robert Hassel III, OF (
No. 1

/MLB number


Following the blockbuster trade with the Padres in July, the Nationals and their top prospects are still getting to know each other . What better way to deepen this understanding than on a six-week fall trip to Arizona? Washington has given year-old outfielder saw his first double-A, although the early small sample results were not too exciting (.86/.278/.250 exist14 games), Hassell’s extra-point-hitting tools and above-average speed can still make a difference any time he’s in the lineup. Boosting performance in a hitter-friendly desert may come at the perfect time.

Phillies: John Rojas, OF(
No. 5


Rojas could be the fastest in the AFL this season players, the speed is close to the top. Of course, the rules of A-ball make it easier to steal bases, and he goes 13-for-20 and Jersey City, but he also went 19 -for-22 after being promoted to double A. That pace makes him a dynamic center fielder, and if he can improve his approach and handle the ball more, he has the opportunity to become an exciting major league regular.


Brewer: Tyler Black, 2B/OF (
number 6


Black is preparing to see double Aces after hitting. 211/ .406/.387 exist37 High- game a Wisconsin native who later fractured his left shoulder blade, That keeps him in Illinois for the rest of the regular season. This2021 15 3rd overall pick into pro ball to get from Famous for hitting the ball on the left, and solidifying that by walking more (18 times) than him in strikeouts (21)) During his stay in the Midwest Conference. The challenge he faces in the AFL (besides restoring his health and offense) will likely be on the defensive end. Primarily a second baseman at Wright State, Blake also has time at center and in the minors, and Glendale will likely continue to do so.


Cardinals: Jordan Walker, OF(
No. 1

/ MLB No. 6)

Not only was Walker the top-ranked Cardinal heading to Arizona, he was also the top-ranked prospect, period. This 12 – year old, right-handed slugger responds well to double-A Springfield’s aggressive assignment, hitting ball. 231/.372/.527and home plate Hit and 13 sneak in 68 game. His above-average batting tools and bonus raw power should transition seamlessly into fall league play. He will continue his transition from third base to outfield, which will get the most attention in the coming weeks.

Cubs: Brennan Davis, OF (No.2
/MLB No.23)

MVP Futures Contest, Davis now wants to play in Chicago, but will need surgery on June 2 to correct a pinched nerve in his back and cause discomfort. A second-round pick from an Arizona high school, he has some of the best all-around tools in the Cubs system, most notably raw power well above average. He just appeared in 15 Game of the Year, 19exist Triple-A, and the AFL could be his springboard for a major league start next spring.

Pirates: Henry Davis, C (

No. 1/MLB No.

Hope when the Buccaneers make Davis the No. 1 pick 2020 The draft is his advanced bat makes him move fast, his catch is the only thing t may slow him down. Injuries slowed him down the most, as wrist problems kept him from playing 34 Games all year round. Not only will he make up for some of the lost at-bats, but the experience of receiving more advanced pitchers should be invaluable.

Reds: Noelvi Marte, SS (

No. 2/MLB No.

Reds top prospect from Mariners in Luis Castillo deal, Marte in this The first half of the season was choppy, then started swinging the bat more consistently in the last month of the year. Even with the inconsistencies, he still only hit one home run – age High A Season . He has only played shortstop in his career so far, and it will be interesting to see if he gets introduced to other positions this fall.

Western Nations League

D-backs: Jordan Lawlar, SS (

number 3

/MLB number)

Lawlar is expected to play a lot of games in Phoenix over the next few years. Spending six weeks there this fall is just another way to get comfortable in these environments. 2011 Sixth overall pick Played three full seasons for the club (plus a short rehab period in a complex league) in the first full season on the rise, hit. 231/.387/.461 and and 17 sneak in 64 on his way from single-A to double-A. That12 – The game against Amarillo, in particular, should help Lawlar prepare to bring his well-rounded five-tool skill set to Salt River.

Dodgers: Andy Page, OF (

No. 5
/MLB number37)

Since signing $250, in October 2011 , bang 41 four positions home runs of the professional season, including

at bat this year. 91/.311/.425 exist87 Double A game. In addition to having a well-above-average raw pop, he has the arm strength to match and is a smart hitter, albeit an aggressive approach.


Giants: Luis Matos, OF(number 3


Matos takes the giant Known for having the best batting skills among the team’s farm workers, and in 2011, but he hit something inexplicable.91/.98 /.326 and Home Runs and Steals 2018 High A competition this year. Signed for $468, leaving Venezuela

, hes cousin of former major league outfielder Luis Alexander Basabe.

Priest: Jackson Merrill, SS (

No. 1

/MLB number64)
Merrill may be one of the most intriguing AFLs of the year. Even after all their midseason rotations and trades, the Padres still managed to hold on to their 2021 first-rounder who has been very pleased with his performance on and off the court in his first full season. Merrill hits. 303/.370/.471 exist24 against California League champion Single-A Lake Elsinore, if not for wrist and hamstring injuries, Could have improved prospect ranking/promotion to High-A. That said, the jump from Single-A to the AFL is a big challenge that will test Merrill’s promising hit and power tools.


Rocky Mountains: Zach Wayne, OF ( No. 1/MLB No.

2019 No. 9 in the draft The draft pick this season, including a stellar run in High-A and a trip to the futures game. He struggles with double A’s, but 000- year-old outfielder did take the overall

ended the year Home runs and
steals. His AFL time should help him better adapt to the higher level.


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