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Top Bathurst 1000 vacancies filled

The tie with Pye has become one of the last remaining seats after James Golding got a full-time opportunity with PremiAir Racing.

Originally looking outside Australia, with Earl Bamber being the first driver to be approached for an unexpected vacancy, the Holden team later focused on local talent.

Super2 race winner Taylor Everingham has long been rumoured to be the striker and the 21-year-old is vying for the seat.

This will be his second Bathurst 1000 race in 2020 after a Garry Rogers wild card.

He will drive the Team 18 for the first time this weekend at a dedicated co-pilot meeting at Sandown.

“It’s really exciting to be working with Scott Pye and Team 18th in this year’s Bathurst 1000,” Everingham said.

“I’m very determined to make the most of this opportunity, it’s one of the best seats on the grid right now to co-drive, so it was special to get a call from [team owner] Charlie [Schwerkolt] to join Team Bathurst.

“The 2020 wildcard was great value, it was my first 1000 race and being the main driver for that event was a great experience. I had Richard Hollway as our engineer that year, so it would be cool to work with him again and learn from him and Scott over the next few months as we prepare for the race.

“Scott has proven to be one of the top riders on the mountain over the years, so I’m going to try to absorb as much as possible out of him to make sure we’re in a good position at the end of the race, Becoming a Competitor”

“Sandown’s co-pilot course was invaluable in building these relationships and processes with Scott and the team, so we arrived at Panorama Mountain with the best possible preparation.”

Pye welcomes Everingham to the Great Race lineup.

“It’s really exciting to have Tyler locked up and I’m looking forward to getting into the mountain and having Tyler locked up now means we can start to really focus and push us to prepare for that race,” he said .

“Communication is key to the racing team and Charlie is a great advocate for that. We have a lot of open and ongoing discussions about who our co-pilot will be. As soon as Taylor comes up, We just kept a close eye on him, he did a great job in Super2, so it was really a no-brainer to lock him up, a decision I’m very happy with.

“Supporting young talent really Very important. I’ve been there once and I got a shot in the main event, got the ball with both hands, did my best in my first enduro, and I’m glad we gave Tyler that chance too, for him It was a very good opportunity for him to get his first official game with us at Bathurst.

“He’s young and enthusiastic and I think as far as our sport goes, it’s really good to try and bring in new talent as well as support performance in the junior category. Taylor has been doing a really good job, so I think he’s going to be a great asset to our team.

“Bathurst is rising fast and we have Sandown having a co-pilot meeting there for a very short period of time, so hopefully this The practice went well for him and got a good feel for the car.

“But Bathurst is a race you would think about all year. There’s a lot of straight-line speed there, so our preparations have definitely started and my thought process has gone quite a bit. It’s been a long time, so I’m happy to be on the mountain, but it’s not coming fast enough.”



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