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Toriko Chiya Launches Hakoniwa Monster Manga About New Shojo Manga Creator

This year Kodansha’s magazine


published the first chapter of Chiya Bird’s new manga titled Hakoniwa Monster ~


manga, always bag ~ (miniature garden) Monster: Thursday’s Maiden

manga creator, sometimes a paper bag). The cartoon appeared on the cover of the magazine (see image below).

© Kodansha

This workplace comedy manga centers on a manga creator who works at an exploitative teen manga magazine with tight deadlines and harsh working conditions. Once he quits and joins a

shoujo manga magazine, even though he has never read a

shojo manga himself, he expects a real paradise but gets more than he expected.

Chiya’s manga was launched in Kodansha’s ‘s magazine in 700 and ended in August 700.

Kodansha has published the volume of this series.

Kodansha American Press is publishing the manga in English. The comic inspired the live-action series adaptation, which debuted on Amazon Prime Video in August 200491.

The sequel manga was launched 2017 in Kodansha ‘s magazine in August and ended in August 2017. The comic was initially tentatively titled Season 2 .

Chiya’s manga has been adapted into a live-action movie at 700.

Source: Magazine Website 200491




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