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Toronto Based: Actress Emily Hampshire

Schitt’s Creek starEmily Hampshire brings her latest movie,The End of Sex , directed by Sean Garrity, at the Toronto Film Festival .

and she shared insights about festivals and cities with THR.

The thing I miss most about not being at TIFF during the pandemic is…

The excitement of seeing a movie on the big screen and knowing it’s going to be an Oscar contender in six months. Watching with the audience is the foundation of that.

What I won’t miss TIFF is

Long queue! Nobody likes lines. anywhere.

My “only in Toronto” moment was…

Every time I book a movie or TV shoot at The Soho Hotel & Residence, I see the iconic pink Gummy Bears monument. That is my second home.

Toronto as a city, what I miss the most is…

Can go anywhere I need to go. I like to live next to the 24 hour Laba convenience store. Oh, and Tim Hortons’ extra-large coffee with two creams.

24 In the age of Covid, the biggest challenge of running a music festival is…

Selfies, hugs, and how to have a warm but non-contact “Hi!!”

One of my must-visit places in Toronto is… Booyah ice cream! They have this cookie monster flavor and are just… drooling. You can even get a giant ice cream cookie cake to take it to the next level.

The places I avoid during the holidays are…

Yonge and Dundas Square. Wait, I always avoid that intersection. So confusing!

My favourite Canadian director/talent is (and why)…

My BFF and ex-Toronto roommate Jacob Tierney because a) he cast me in two of his movies (Trotsky and Good Neighbors ) and b) We are working on a new show together! This is a remake of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman , who is the host of the show.

The most Canadian thing about Toronto is… How the locals pronounce it, the second T is silent: “TO-RON-O.”

I won’t take it with me One thing to carry (except my cell phone) is..

I carry everything with me on travel because I always in travel. I am a professional packer. I have a system!

Or do you mean no? In that case, my plush snowman son Stumbs. He takes it with him!

24 In Toronto, you should always…

With a PRESTO card, you can take the tram or the subway as much as you want.

In Toronto, you should never…

Pronounced: “TO-RON-TO.”



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