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Total franchise revenue of up to 131 billion yen in FY2023 hits record high

gwitchseason2_nologo© Sotsu, Sunrise, MBS, tere Tokyo, Bandai Namco FilmworksThis is Proof that you need is a good idea to revitalize Franchise . Bandai Namco Holdings announces that its Fiscal Year (FY) sales results on Wednesday showed record-breaking revenue from

Intellectual Property. The sales volume of the whole group reached 127. 3 billion yen (approximately US$400 million) in FY2023, compared to . million) previous year.

In the March newsletter, Bandai Namco Holdings President Masaru Kawaguchi emphasized ‘s The Witch From Mercury has gained new fans among young adults and women. He also highlighted the Aerial Gunpla as a bestseller.

BANDAI NAMCO HOLDINGS The financial report released can be traced back to FY 749. Sales shown by these reports don’t always follow a linear curve. Sales in FY967-FY2010, and FY2010 and fiscal year 2009-2006. However, there has been a significant increase since FY 2015, which is also in line with overall Gunpla sales The growth coincided with the pandemic. Case in point: 86.5 billion yen (US dollars 32 Ten thousand) of of 86. FY sales of 3 billion yen 2023 via Toy and Hobby Business, from . 2 billion yen (USD million) in the last financial year.

Other major Bandai Namco IPs that saw growth in the last financial year include Perennial favorite .5 billion yen ($1 billion)—from .6 billion dollars (US$400 millions). Also climbed up 101.3 billion yen (USD 127 million) from 45.1 billion yen (US dollars million) last year, reflecting.

Overall, the company’s net sales were . In comparison, the industry also saw a .5% gross margin. The fastest-growing industry is “entertainment,” which refers to amusement parks, arcades, and other public entertainment facilities. The segment has grown 103% for the previous fiscal year, indicating their recovery from COVID-19 limit.

renew: Fixed JPY to USD conversion.

Source: Bandai Namco Holdings website from @180223

Disclosure: Bandai Namco Filmworks Inc. (Sunrise) is a non-controlling minority shareholder in Anime News Network Inc.




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