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Toteme Celebrates Their Arrival in Los Angeles With a Candlelit Dinner Party at Chateau Marmont

Swedish fashion brand Toteme is wrapping up yet another remarkable year, marked by substantial growth thanks to recent expansions into footwear and handbags that echo their minimalist design ethos—and plans for a new jewelry line and additional store openings. One of the most eagerly awaited of these openings is the flagship store in Los Angeles.

In a display of warm welcome, a gathering of Los Angeles’ elite convened on Wednesday night to formally embrace the brand’s presence in the city despite an unusual downpour in Los Angeles. The dinner took place in the penthouse of the iconic Chateau Marmont, infusing just the right amount of Hollywood glamour into the night.

Inside, the checkerboard floors were illuminated by the warm light of pillar candles. Waiters served martinis and champagne as guests navigated past a table adorned with even more candles and lush, deep raspberry hydrangeas. Cocktail hour took place under a canopy on the terrace, which shielded everyone from the misty rain. Despite the rain, the atmosphere remained cozy and inviting as guests lost track of time and eventually had to be herded into the dining room to sit.

“I like to say we took the weather from Sweden, and we gave it to you,” laughed co-founder Karl Lindman, as jumbo prawn cocktail overflowing in coup glasses were presented to each guest. “We’re really so grateful for you to come; we can’t wait to spend more time here with the opening of our new store.” Lindman finished the toast by expressing his gratitude to stylist Karla Welch, who co-hosted the evening. Plates of chickpea-roasted calamari arrived at the tables as one guest shouted, “Welcome to LA!”

Among those in attendance were Toteme’s co-founders Karl Lindman and Elin Kling, Olivia Wilde, Lykke Li, Laura Harrier, Michelle Monaghan, Courtney Eaton, Alexandra Grant, Jessie Andrews, Dree Hemingway, Vivienne Rohner and more.

As the evening came to an end, the rain gradually subsided, too. Guests wrapped up their night on a sweet note, enjoying shared bowls brimming with berries and cream. They exchanged farewells, promising to reunite in the near future, before stepping out into the misty Los Angeles night.



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