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“Touhou: New World” game PS4, PS5 version will be launched on September 12

XSEED Games confirmed on Thursday that it will release


Ankake Spa’s Touhou: New World Game Digital Edition 5 and

PlayStation 4 Versions September in North America and Europe . The game was released digitally in Japan and the West on the Nintendo Switch and via Steam on Worldwide digital release on PC Thursday. The company released a launch trailer:

Should The game was launched in Japan as Oriental New World: Longing for Another World .

XSEED Games describes the story:

Touhou: New World takes players back to Gensokyo, a supernatural world that humans and youkai call home. While the place is far from idyllic, life for residents is relatively peaceful. Until the mysterious barrier protecting it is breached by an outsider with an obsession with the supernatural realm, bringing chaos to Gensokyo and the world outside. Miko Reimu and her sorcerer friend Marisa must find the true source of the chaos and restore peace to both worlds, dodging magical barrages and battling a horde of mysterious creatures along the way! Ankake Spa previously produced Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity at


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