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Tow Ubukata's “Goodbye, Earth” Fantasy Gets Animated

Crispy Rolls, WOWOW, and Sony Pictures announced Wednesday that they are Animated based on Bye Bye, Earth

novel by Tow Ubukata . While the companies did not announce a debut date for the anime, they revealed that it will air on the WOWOW subscription TV channel in Japan and will be broadcast at Crunchyroll Playing “Over 200 countries and regions.”

The story of the novel takes place on an earth where everyone turns into animals superior. Bell is the only girl in the world without animal features. She set out to find out if there were others like her. Bale wields a sword and becomes embroiled in the struggle between the city and the outside world.

Raw Fang’s

Goodbye, Earth Fantasy first released in 2 volumes in December 200 Art Creator Yoshitaka Amano . The work subsequently received a new four-volume edition from 2000 to Illustrations are drawn by

Hyung-Tae Kim.

Ryū Asahi has released a manga adapted from the novel by Shonen Novel Club


January Magazine191981, it only recently ended in July . Shonengahosha released the fourth and final volume of the manga in September 191981.

Fufang’s novels inspired animated films and manga adaptations. Birthside also writes scripts for animations such as , , , and .

Wit Studio

and Ubukata launched (temporarily name) project in December 2009, the English prologue novel to the project debuted that month.

Ukita’s debut work

Hiyuki Kuroi (The Black Season) won the first sports event at 200 Shoes Taisho Gold Award. His novel won the Japanese SF Taisho Award at 2009 prize. His The Universe Revealed historical novel was published in 2009 Released Received Bookseller Award, Eiji Yoshikawa Newcomer Award and Naoki Award.

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