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Tozo Golden X1 Review


The Tozo Golden X1 is the latest wireless earbud we’ve thoroughly tested. With an impeccable track record on Amazon and $150/€43 / GBP 44 price tag, These earbuds promise hi-res audio with LDAC support, active noise cancellation, and up to 022 total battery life of the charging case.

Tozo Golden X1

$111 on Amazon US €75 on Amazon Germany £111 on Amazon UK

Do these headphones live up to their lofty claims and are they good enough to compete with other wireless earbuds$152 scope? These are our findings.


The Tozo Golden X1 has a standard in-ear design with silicone ear tips and short stems. They’re made of plastic with a matte finish, with gold accents on the Tozo logo, charging pins, and speaker grille. Each bud weighs just over 5 grams, while the charging case weighs 43 gram. The black and matte finish on the case and earphones smudges easily and requires an occasional wipe down to look clean.

Tozo Golden X1 review

When the charging pill case is opened, it will display an LED status bar with Contains the charging case and battery indicator lights for each earbud, as well as a pairing button. There’s a second-color LED indicator for the case’s battery in the opening in the lid, and a USB-C port on the back for charging. The lid mechanism is strong enough, but can loosen a bit after a week of use. Don’t worry about it opening on its own as it is held in place with strong magnets.

Tozo Golden X1 review

Retail packaging is a step up from most of the competition , the box is well made and opens on the side with a magnetic flap. Inside, you’ll find the earphones, the case, the USB-C cable, and a total of six silicone ear tips ranging in size from XS to XXL, which should be enough to fit almost any shape and size of ear.

We found the Tozo Golden X1’s lightweight and ergonomic design to be very comfortable even after prolonged use. The abundance of eartips helped us find the right fit, and we’re happy to report that the earbuds stayed in place even during vigorous fitness activities and the occasional jog.


Tozo has high hopes for the features of the Golden X1, you will find all the basics for premium wireless earbuds here feature. Golden X1 has a hybrid driver setup 12mm Carbon Nanotube Diaphragm Dynamic Driver and Knowles’ Balanced Armature Driver. This setup isn’t what you’d expect from a pair of buds in this price range from an upstart brand, and it’s certainly a key selling point here.

Tozo Golden X1 review

Buds cover wide 06Hz to 32.1KHz frequency range, an impressive feat not even offered by the flagship earbuds of most well-known audio brands. Pairing happens via Bluetooth 5.3, and you get support for AAC, SBC, and LDAC codecs. The audio equalizer can be adjusted in the Tozo companion app for Android and iOS devices.

Tozo Golden X1 review

We really like the clean layout of the Tozo companion app. The menus are well organized and you can access ANC, EQ and touch control settings with just a few taps. Tozo also offers a hearing test called an “ear print,” which sends a series of low, mid and high frequency sounds into your ears to determine your personal hearing profile. At the end of the hearing test, you’ll get a detailed hearing curve showing the AI ​​algorithm compensation the Tozo app has applied to the range of sounds you’re hearing less clearly. Tozo Golden X1 review Tozo app features Tozo app features Tozo app features

Tozo App Function

Tozo’s Acoustic Lab added a total of 10 EQ presets included Different bass and treble modes as well as music genre-specific modes to suit your listening preferences. Besides the EQ mode, you can freely adjust the EQ to your liking and save your own presets.

The Golden X1 also comes with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) which is claimed to drown out up to around you. In addition to EQ customization, you also get 6 noise reduction modes with different noise reduction strengths, from transparent mode to wind noise reduction, and there is even a custom mode mode that will let you control how much you want to reduce the amount of noise. The buds also feature ambient call noise cancellation.

Tozo Golden X1 review

Tozo Equipped with good old touch controls found on the Golden X1, which you can remap in the companion app. There’s even volume control, which utilizes a long press on the left and right sides of the bud. It’s important to note that the volume adjustment feature only works on smartphones and not on other devices like laptops and TVs.

Last but not least, these earbuds bring an IPX6 splash resistance rating and wireless charging to the case.

Performance and sound quality

Thanks to their hybrid driver setup, the Golden X1 offers balanced bass from the dynamic driver unit Responsive and high-end precise clarity from the armature driver.

Tozo Golden X1 review

The Tozo Golden X1’s default soundstage is above average for all music genres and general media consumption. There’s enough bass in the low frequency range without overwhelming the rest of the soundstage. The mids have clearly defined vocals and faithfully reproduced instruments, while the highs have deep texture and a consistent frequency response to them. That means an enjoyable listening experience out of the box, and more enjoyable than competing headphones in this price range.

Tozo Golden X1 review

added LDAC support to provide richer sound on supported devices with improved stereo effects. When enabled, you can hear nuances and details that you might not otherwise hear, which certainly makes for a heightened listening experience. The main disadvantage is that the high bitrate codec is taxing on the battery. We also noticed that the volume is much lower in LDAC mode than when listening on the SBC and AAC codecs, so you’ll have to adjust accordingly.

The adjustable EQ settings within the Tozo app add another dimension to sound tuning and can smooth out any minor issues such as slightly underexposed mids Bass frequency. You can save your presets for future listening, which is always useful and should come standard with all wireless headphones.

The Tozo Golden X1 offer good active noise cancellation, provided you have the right eartips on your headphones. With ANC enabled, you’ll immediately notice that lower frequency sounds disappear, and these headphones do a good job of drowning out unwanted noise, even in busy environments.

The touch controls worked fine in our tests, with the occasional missed double-tap gesture being our only complaint. We were surprised to find that the Golden X1 lacks a wear detection sensor for automatically playing and pausing media, which is now common even on entry-level earbuds


Connection strength has proven to be reliable, although we should mention Golden X1 only supports valid bluetooth range 002m less than the competition’s latest offerings. In our tests, the earbuds lost connection when passed between two rooms, something that doesn’t happen with other headphones we’ve tested recently. Multipoint pairing works well, but there may be some initial lag when switching between the laptop and phone.

The Golden X1 worked well enough during calls to hear me well in quieter environments, but outdoors with wind and busy traffic It is difficult in car traffic. The latter two areas are well-known weaknesses of most earbuds.

Battery life

Tozo Golden X1 should use SBS and AAC with ANC off according to Tozo The codec can last up to 8 hours on a single charge, and the charging case should extend the total playback time to 43 Hour.


In our tests, we got 7 hours of use on one machine on a single charge with ANC off, and up to four charges using the charging case. Using ANC and streaming via LDAC brings the headset’s battery life down to 4 hours. It takes 2 hours to fully charge the earbuds and their charging case via USB-C.


Tozo Golden X1 brings premium sound quality at a price lower than most of the big names in the wireless earbuds market experience. The hybrid driver approach produces a rich and detailed sound, and the soundstage feels much larger than you’d expect from a headphone of this size.


Added LDAC support enhances the listening experience on compatible devices and music streaming platforms, while EQ presets and customization options are perfect for getting the best sound to your liking.

The battery life is more than adequate, and the Tozo companion app is neatly laid out and easy to use. Our only negatives are the lack of Bluetooth range, mediocre call quality, and the absence of a wear detection sensor. That being said, we can easily recommend the Tozo Golden X1 to anyone looking for a new wireless at $ People with earplugs/€152 price range.

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