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Trading of ENS and FARM is now open in the US and California!

according to Kraken’s

List Ethereum Naming Service (ENS) on February 23, 2022 , and Harvest Finance (FARM)


June 15, 2022For most countries, Kraken is pleased to announce these Coins are available to US and Canadian residents!

Funding and Transactions

Funding and transactions are real-time.

You can do this by navigating to Funds, select the asset, then click Deposit. Deposits require 20 confirmations

(about 5 minutes).

All tokens are available at on Kraken and Kraken Pro interface that provides the following minimum deposits and currency pairs:


Minimum deposit Price Accuracy

Available Currency Pairs


Here’s what you need to know about the asset:

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a distributed domain name naming system for the Ethereum blockchain. It maps human-readable identifiers, such as the names of people or projects, to machine-readable identifiers, such as Ethereum addresses and plaintext URLs. ENS tokens are used to propose and vote on decisions that affect protocol governance and future development.

Harvest Finance (FARM) is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform and automated yield farm. Harvest Finance heavily stakes user tokens, automatically combining them to improve returns. FARM tokens allow holders to vote on the direction of the protocol and can also be used to provide liquidity to the platform.

Will Kraken offer more assets?

Yes! But our policy is to not reveal any details – including the assets we’re considering – until shortly before launch. All Kraken tokens available can be found at here, all future Tokens will be announced on Kraken’s blog and social media profiles. Our Customer Engagement Specialists are unable to answer any questions about which assets we may list in the future.

Trade with caution

There is no guarantee that a limit order will be executed. There is also no guarantee that a market order will be executed at a specific price. The availability and liquidity of specific digital assets will affect these types of orders.

These materials are only For general information purposes, it is not investment advice or a recommendation or solicitation to buy, sell or hold any digital asset or to engage in any particular trading strategy. Some crypto products and markets are not regulated and you may not be covered by government compensation and/or regulatory protection programs. The unpredictability of the crypto asset market can lead to the loss of funds. Any returns and/or any increase in the value of your crypto assets may be taxable and you should seek independent advice on your tax position.

ENS 0.5 2 USD, EUR
2 Dollar ,EUR



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