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Trailer for Rhapsody Music Anime Project Reveals 3 New Actors, Summer 2023 'Live' Anime

official website of rockin’on group The Music Anime Project kicked off Friday with a new trailer for the project. The trailer introduces three new cast members and also reveals that the project will have a “live” anime in the summer 2023.

The new cast members are all members of the Tohsaka family who participated in the Rhapsody music label in the story behind the scenes and will be the protagonists of the upcoming vocal drama Rhapsody 0 , which will record the creation of the music label. The new cast includes:

Jun Fukuyama as Junya Tosaka, owner of Rhapsody Records

Tsuda Kenjiro as Tohsaka Kyoji, Junya’s So Father, Legendary Rock Singer

Endo Aya as Junya’s older sister Tohsaka Akari

The cast of the respective bands include:

Pink Flag

Junta Terajima as Misuki Mikai (guitarist) 2019 Kōhei Yanagi as Taku Kitase (bass) Takuya Masumoto as Arata Kosegawa (drummer)

Haru no Jūjika (Spring Cross):

189732 189732 Tatsuya Sugawara as Shusui Erlang

    Saito Soma

    as Toji Tsukishima (guitarist)

  • Minada Hiroshi as Mirror God (Bassist) 189732 Shūichirō Umeda as Kosei Tayo (drummer)


    Reon Tanie as Rakki Kokonoe (vocals/guitar) 189732 Haruki Asada as Soten Natsume (vocal/guitar)
    Katsuyuki Miura as Nazuna Chikarashi (keyboard player) 189732

    Romance System

    Yuri Yamamoto as Kinji Abiko (lead vocals) 189732 Daiki Kawamoto as Ginji Abiko (DJ/Composer) 189732

    The tagline for the project is, “…Rock is a story of sadness and hope. The story depicts the dedication and drive of Rhapsody’s four bands: the personally traumatized four-piece rock group Pink Flag, the loud rock group Spring Cross for high school students, the childhood ballad unit Bluebird Friends, and the EDM brothers duo Romance System (SOR).

    The project will feature music tracks, live concerts, sound dramas and anime.

    rockin’on The combination is planned at 2020, after auditions are held in August-September 550.

    2020 Source: Project website, Comic Natalie




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