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Train Like a Pro: How World Surf League Champion Stephanie Gilmore Gets in Touch With Her Body

Stephanie Gilmore is the best female surfer in the world. That’s not an exaggeration – Gilmore won a record-setting eighth World Surf League title late last year, an achievement that stemmed from the year of the tour, for An erudite understanding of the ocean, and a fitness program centered on connection, variety, and play.

Gilmore’s journey

as Apple TV+’s make or break Season 2 premieres details the WSL Championship titles, as well as the titles of everyone who participated in that year’s World Surf Tour. “In the 2022, they changed it to the Super Bowl final, where the world title goes to the final — it’s not like a year-round accumulation of points,” Gilmore said. “So it was a really big moment, and I’m super happy because I feel like I learned a lot about myself and what can happen when you really put yourself in […] It’s like this hero moment, You can take all the hard work you’ve put in all year, perform here at the moment and see if you can do it. Looking back now, I’ve never felt that way before in a game.”

To stay in world championship form, Gilmore relies on bodyweight strength and resistance training, along with a feel-good diet, intuitively — for her, that’s mostly organic protein, sweet potatoes, brown rice pasta, yogurt, and Fruit—and put enough emphasis on training to prevent injury and promote recovery. (Think ice baths, saunas, massages, etc.)

And of course, lots of surfing.

“I can’t imagine how many athletes have been playing their sport and then when they go on vacation, you know, they’re not on the tennis court anymore, they’re trying to step back One step,” Gilmore said. “And we were like, ‘Oh, the game is over, what are we going to do? … Let’s go surfing.'”

We caught up with Gilmore to find out how she stays strong and with Your body is in harmony with the ocean.

Start your day strong

I woke up and I went through a fifteen minute activation routine to wake me up body of. A little yoga and some breathing, like waking up so I’m not just staring at my phone for an hour trying to let my body know it’s daytime and then we go – and that’s before I eat anything. Then we go surfing. It depends on the style of surfing, but the surf lasts an hour and a half and at least I’ll be paddling on the heap to catch as many waves as I can, which is actually a good workout. I think the best training for surfing is to go surfing.

Mix Things Up

I’ve been doing more boxing lately, boxing is great like cardio Crazy, the combination of Pilates and boxing is really great in terms of cardio and strength. I really enjoy swimming, body surfing, walking and hiking. I think the most important thing is to mix it up when you’re trying to train, keep yourself interested and keep it fun […] dance, have fun, whatever it is your brain will open up and throw yourself into something new, Exciting things that take you a little out of your comfort zone. I started playing six-a-side football when I was at home, I played football with a team and it was a lot of fun. It’s like two 20-minute halves where your heart rate goes up and you’re running around just doing something new. It’s important to keep it fresh.



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