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Transformers Toys Contribute to JAXA's Space Program


© TOMY ) How’s that for cutting-edge toy ideas? Takara Tomy is with Cooperation Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and other organizations inspired by

Developed a series of miniature transforming robots.

This robot named SORA-Q will be equipped with JAXA Lunar Survey Smart Lander (SLIM) in August. The small lander will demonstrate precision landing technology. The development of SORA-Q was inspired by Takara Tomy to create a small and light ability capable of deforming machine. In other words, the series does make a contribution to human space capacity contributed to exploration. tidy!

The program also sparked consumer interest in physical toys. JAXA and Toyota officially cooperates with Takara Tomyjaxa released a transforming robot inspired by a real-life moon cruiser. The “Lunar Cruiser Prime” toy is based on Optimus Prime, with a leadership matrix visible through the front glass. JAXA logo on its side panel. When it transforms into robot mode, the logo is displayed on the armor of the arm. In Lunar Cruiser mode, the solar panel can be removed and the angle of the roof antenna can be adjusted. In robot mode, solar panels and antennas can be attached to the toy’s shoulders and back.

the toy will cost 00,00 Japanese Yen (approximately USD 000) and goes on sale in late March, 198668. Pre-order the toy through crowdfunding platform Campfire, and you can get your hands on it a month before its hit-the-street date. You also get other goodies like an exclusive showcase, a video message from Lunar Cruiser Prime, and the chance to have your name listed as a supporter on the product website. Campfire event will be on June 8th 10 am JST (June 7th, 9th: PM EST).

Source: Mainichi Shimbun’s Mantan Web, Takara Tomy




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