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Travis Kelce Wears Custom Amiri to Super Bowl 2024

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is hours away from competing in Super Bowl LVIII, and as he enters Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, he’ll be wearing custom Amiri.

“A month ago his team reached out and said ‘Travis really wants [Amiri] to make him something for the Super Bowl,” the brand’s founder and creative director Mike Amiri tells Vogue over the phone from his home in Los Angeles. (A telling indication of Kelce’s confidence given that the Chiefs hadn’t made it to the Super Bowl at that point.) “We became friends many years ago,” Amiri continues. “He was an early supporter of my work, and last year we got to actually hang out, ironically, in Vegas. I’d imagine the biggest brands in the world wait for moments like this to dress someone. For us, it was really organic, which made it extra special.”


Alongside the Amiri team, Kelce decided he’d take his Super Bowl tunnel walk in a custom version of look 6 from the Spring 2024 collection. The bouclé jacket and matching baggy trousers were originally designed in cream; Kelce opted for the pieces in black, with a few other modifications. “We wove in paillettes to give it just a bit of sparkle, and then we cropped the jacket a bit and put a soft shoulder there,” Amiri explains. “Travis really is a bit of a showman, and we were thinking, this is the first Super Bowl in Las Vegas, so why not really let it represent that entertainment feel that Vegas is known for, and let him shine a bit.” In keeping with Amiri’s relaxed, California-cool aesthetic, Kelce paired the tailored pieces with a knit shirt. “I love to mix things that are impactful with things that are grounding,” Amiri says of the contrast.

With Kelce’s measurements on file at the Amiri atelier in Milan, the look was made there. Earlier this week, two members of the team flew to Las Vegas for a formal fitting with Kelce. “I was able to FaceTime with Travis two days ago and look through everything myself,” Amiri says, adding that in-house tailor at the brand’s Las Vegas flagship was on standby for any last-minute alterations.

This time last year, Kelce was on the brink of winning Super Bowl LVII, and would soon set the internet ablaze with his viral endzone Stanky Leg. One may have assumed that hosting SNL a few weeks later would mark the peak of his 2023 fame, but then he started dating a very famous pop star. So, all eyes are on Kelce tonight—including Amiri’s, albeit from afar.

“I was originally planning to go to Las Vegas,” the designer says of his Super Bowl plans. “But I’ve decided to watch it from my couch, and cheer for the Chiefs.”



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