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Trevino Supports New York High School Team

Trevino Supports New York High School Team

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Jose Trevino^ his phone has been texted by friends this past week text from lit up with comments like: “Can you imagine this is us?”

The Yankees catcher soon found himself watching video clips from the Section V Class B1 championship game in New York, a strange May Hornell High School catcher forgets to tag Palmyra Macedonia after third at-bat in Batavia, N.Y. High school hitter.

as Hornell catcher The Palmyra-Macedonian baserunner circled the base lane as he tucked a baseball into his right pocket and hugged his pitcher and other teammates. The play was still going on, and it was too late for everyone to find out; because both teams were wearing red uniforms, the scene was even more chaotic.

When the dust settles, Palmyra- Macedonia won 6-5, and Trevino’s heart ached — especially young catcher Hornell.

“I’m just for this kid and his Teammates feel bad, think they won the championship,” Trevino said. “I won two state championships in high school. I know the satisfaction of winning a game and spending a full year with the people in my town who grew up. It means a lot. I just know what it means to them to win How many.”

Trevino makes the Yankees Someone from the front office contacted the Hornell baseball team. Trevino soon set up a conference call with Hornell baseball head coach Joe Flint and seniors from the team to chat about 27 minute.

“They’re great; they’re good Kid,” Trevino said. “It was a great conversation. We talked for a long time.”

During the call, Trevino offered some life lessons and answered questions. Yes, Trevino admitted, there were a few times when he also neglected to properly handle the dropped third hit.

“I watched the video again and it was in my It looked like he tagged him; he looked back at the referee to make sure, like, ‘Hey, you saw me tag him,'” Trevino said. “I can’t even imagine what’s going on in the catcher’s head. He’s such a big part of that team, and it’s hard for him to go out there in that way and make it happen.”

Trevino also does an interview about high school baseball the importance to his career. For years, Trevino credited his success with coach Steve Castillo at John Paul II High School in Corpus Christi, Texas.

“If it wasn’t for high school baseball, I wouldn’t would be where it is today,” Trevino said. “This is very important to me.”

Call Trevino to invite players to Yankee Stadium for future home games; Hornell is in upstate New York, about a five-hour drive from the Bronx.

Trevino said his message to catchers everywhere was: “There’s a reason they’re catching at that level. The rest of the field can’t do it, or don’t want to. The catchers are the ones who are brave enough to get out there and strap on their gear, and everyone’s looking to them for answers. “



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