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Trevor Noah on How His New Special Stays Out of Politics, and Why Stand-Up Is His 'Last Thing'

The night after Trevor Noah announced he was leaving The Daily Show, he returned to the stage On, speaking in front of an audience close to 24,24 Joke.

Now, nearly two months later, Noah is out as his third Netflix special the episode. “I Wish You Would,” as the title suggests, arrived two weeks before Noah officially signed on as the face of Comedy Central. Noah has been vague about what’s next though – though he admits that he’s writing the script and, with his zero-day production, preparing some 30-plus projects–talk shows will feature prominently.

In fact, the first post-Daily Show project he announced was his 30 “Off The Record” stand-up tour will begin in January. As Noah pointed out in the a THR cover story, he was desperate to get back On the road, seeing and exploring the world in ways his Daily Show schedule wouldn’t allow. “Before I did acting, I used to pretty much live in a city, and I miss that,” he said. “I miss where my favorite London restaurant is. I miss my favorite sandwich shop in Frankfurt, Germany. I miss a good pub somewhere in Bangalore, India to watch a sports game.”

In two talks this fall, Noah talked about the unique appeal of the stands — up, and he wants to use his third Netflix What the hour said, and why he, the outgoing host of The Daily Show , doesn’t think people should have a “constant presence in politics”.

Your latest special “I Wish You Would” is your first post-pandemic tour The culmination of its aptly titled “Back to the Abnormal” tour. What do you want to convey with this collection?

Celebrate being back with my viewers. Standups have always been a great outlet for me because The Daily Show exists in a highly political space. In my opinion, contrary to popular belief, I don’t think people should always be in politics. I don’t think it’s healthy. I don’t think every conversation should start with “Who did you vote for?” Or, “Have you seen what’s going on in Florida?” If you start a conversation with politics, people have very little contact because it’s one of the more divisive topics we have. In my humble opinion, that’s part of America’s problem: politics has become like a sport, and everyone is involved, so now people share fewer and fewer cultural touchpoints.

Gone are the days when everyone was watching Will and Grace or Seinfeld, but everyone is involved in politics, so it becomes, “Oh, did you watch that episode last night?” Although it’s good for sarcasm and trying to get people to understand News programs are very useful, but if you live in that space 24 for hours a day when people do it, it can be a bit frustrating, it will Gives you an unrealistic idea of ​​the world you live in.

So is it important to you to have this moment exist outside of politics?

Yeah, for my stand-up, especially this one, it’s my chance to break that world, Get out of politics. Like, here’s a different way of talking about a pandemic that isn’t crafted around politics. I think we forget that we also have human experience. In my comedy, especially during this time, I want to share with the audience the idea that we can have more grace for each other, that we can understand that people make mistakes and that good people do bad things – but that’s not the case . That doesn’t necessarily mean we have to define them as bad or good. I think life is more subtle and complex. I’m joking that some people in the world are in shock because not everyone is mourning the passing of the royal family. Like, “Well, yes, there are different views in the world.”

You recently announced a new With touring, you’re going to be doing longer stops in many of the cities you visit, which isn’t possible if you’re playing in New York four days a week. Talk to me about how this appeals to you.

I’m really lucky that I’m able to keep my previous touring career and host The Daily Show . But one aspect that I had to give up was being able to take the time to absorb, observe or experience a world that was different from mine. People are my passion and I love getting to know other people and getting their perspective. So, when I go to Boston to do a show, I never like to come to Boston with a preconception about Boston. I love being in Boston, and then making comedies inspired by Boston, or my perception of Boston based on what was going on in Boston at the time. For me, it always meant that I was already more authentically present in one place. It means I’ve created a more holistic connection with my audience, so I feel more fulfilled.

It also means you’re going back to the theater, not these giant arenas you’ve been filling. …..

Arenas are great because you can celebrate with your fans what you have created, but Remember, you are not winning fans in an arena. You make fans in a smaller room. I think it’s true for any artist, any musician, any live performer. You attract fans in an intimate venue, and then you celebrate the journey with your fans in an arena. But I never want to forget the kind of intimacy one can have somewhere. And, great comedy comes from life. So, when can you go experience life, when can you go and see every aspect of an area – what’s it like in the morning? How is the evening? What is nightlife? — I love it, I’m in it, it’s where I get my material from.

Before you start The Daily Show, you Call stand-up comedy your first love. how are you feeling now

Career over and the last thing I want on this planet is stand-up comedy.

Why is this happening, do you think?

First off, I think it’s the ultimate combination of everything I love about creativity. The audience is there, so I can’t blame anyone in the middle. I can’t say, “Oh, bad sales.” “Bad marketing.” “Bad studio.” “Bad time slot.” No, the audience is there. I am here. What I create, they receive immediately, the truest form of direct-to-consumer. Second, I like the immediacy of it. If they like it or not, they can tell me right now . Third, I like my creativity. In my opinion, there is no budgetary constraint, no [rewriting] the script. I’m the one who has to do it for the audience, and it’s a good act of service.

Nothing beats comedy in my opinion. Like, I’m sure a movie can be great, and when you act, there’s a different way to express [yourself], which is exciting. But every actor I’ve talked to has said, “And then two years later, you’re like, ‘Oh yeah, that movie I made is going to come out.'” You’re still in the hands of the editor. You are in the hands of special effects. You hold many other things. There is something pure about someone walking on stage. It’s like theater to me. There’s something magical about you going up on stage and creating a world with only what’s in you.




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