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Trevor Noah urges viewers to remember 'world is a friendlier place' than in emotional 'Daily Show' farewell

Trevor Noah started his last episode ofThe Daily Show with a joke about Kanye West, Presidential Elections and Pandemics.

“When I started the show, I had three clear goals,” said the host. “I was like, ‘I’m gonna make sure Hillary gets elected. I’m gonna make sure Hillary gets elected. I’m gonna make sure Hillary gets elected. I’m gonna make sure to prevent a global pandemic from starting, and I’m gonna be best friends with Kanye West.’”

The comedian went on to call out his reporters, starting with Michael Costa, who said he was devastated that Noah was leaving the show. He then kicked it to Desi Lydic, who joked that she would be doing Noah’s exit interview on behalf of Paramount. She starts by asking him what her best personality traits are, and then what he misses most about her. “Everyone who knows you is lucky,” Noah told Lydic, before jokingly adding, “You’re one of the funniest people I’ve ever met, but also one of the worst weather people I’ve ever worked with.”

Dulcé Sloan is the next reporter to say goodbye to the host of the Daily Show for seven years. She joked that he was leaving them to continue making movies, like the Hemsworth brothers. When Noah insists that he doesn’t have anything to do and that he just wants to take a break, she questions his choices. “So, you just leave your job and do nothing?” she asked. “Wow, you’re really half white.”

Ronny Chieng took to the stage to share what’s trending on social media. “You know what’s trending right now, how I feel,” he told the host. “You saved me from working with amateur producers from Australia and Singapore.” Chieng added: “The whole time, it felt like we were two immigrants coming together and telling Americans what was wrong with them, and they always Thank you very much.” After being obviously emotional, Chieng joked with Noah that it was a lie, but he was not sad, and asked instead: “Can I be the new host?”

The last reporter to say goodbye to Noah was Roy Wood Jr., who told the host that he finally confessed in his final episode. When Noah asked Wood what he needed to clarify, he said, “You’re not actually African.” Wood continued, asking if he was actually from Africa, “so why are you saying it’s all British?” adding, “No African voice, man.” When Noah continued to deny it, Wood backed off and said, “It’s pretty good anyway.”

Jordan Klepper ended the reporter’s farewell by saying he was the man who spent every other week in America and was “nearly murdered by a QAnon psychopath,” to which Noah replied that he was surprised Klepper was still alive. The reporter then introduced Trevor Noah’s version of Jordan Klepper: Fingers the Pulse. Klepper took to the streets of Midtown Manhattan, asking passers-by about Noah’s departure from the Daily Show .

Comedy Central airs the Olympic Pura, Issa Rae, Kamala Harris, Tracey Ellis Ross, Nick Offerman, Hillary Clinton and Jesse Williams, among others, bid Noah farewell, congratulated him on his work and thanked him Getting them through “some of the toughest times” challenging and historic times in our lives. ”

Before closing, Noah shared what he learned during the Daily Show Three Lessons Moderator: Politics is an invented way to solve problems; Never forget that context matters, Never forget how much context matters; Finally , “Don’t forget that the world is friendlier on the Internet, and the news makes you think. ”

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