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Triangle of Sorrows wins top prize at European Film Awards 2022

Triangle of Sorrows , Ruben Östlund’s Sharp Knockout One Percent , yes The European Film Awards , won four trophies including the highest award for the best European film at the awards ceremony Saturday, Reykjavik, Iceland.

Östlund also won Best Screenplay and Best Director, dedicating his prize to the star of Triangle of Sadness Charlbi Dean, who died of a sudden illness this summer , just a few days after the film premiered in Cannes and won the Palme d’Or months later or. Croatian actor Zlatko Burić, who played Russian fertilizer tycoon Dimitry in Triangle of Sadness, beat out contenders including Paul Mescal for best actor with Aftersun() Actor and Close break out of Eden Dambrine.

Vicky Krieps takes actress honors for Corsage, a feminist period drama from director Marie Kreutzer, In it she plays

an Austrian empress who rebels against the patriarchal structures of her day.

“I want to dedicate this song to all the women in the world who need to be seen and heard,” Cripps said in his acceptance speech via video link. “They need to heal from these deep wounds of [history] so that men and women can come together again,” said the

CORSAGE - Cannes Film Festival

Vicky Krieps in “The Corsage” Felix Fratney


European Film Awards marks the event since COVID- Pandemic. The European Film Academy, which organizes the awards ceremony, held a unique celebration at the Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik, where guests were presented with creative works by local Icelandic artists Tanja Levý, Lilý Erla Adamsdóttir and Sean O’Brien Enter a unique art installation.

Hosts include Game of Thrones star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau -Waldau), German actress Nina Hoss (Tár ), Borat Subsequent Moviefilm breakthrough Maria Bakalova and Icelandic director Baltasar Kormákur (Beast). The ceremony was hosted by Icelandic actress, screenwriter and politician Ilmur Kristjánsdóttir – who introduced the EFA award as “like the Oscars: all films are foreign!” got the first big laugh of the night. — along with local artist, author and stand-up comedian Hugleikur Dags son. Musical accompaniment comes from the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, musical group INNI and Icelandic electronic band GusGus. Close to Carla Simón’s Alcarràs, a moving portrait of a group of Catalan peach farmers; from Ali Abassi’s serial killer thriller set in Iran Holy Spider to Marie Kreutzer’s feminist period dramaCorsage to Östlund’s capitalist satireThe Sad Triangle — as one might find, a good advertisement for the diversity and quality of European cinema.

But the evening’s festivities came at a time of crisis for the European film industry. Arthouse and professional cinemas of the kind recognized by the EFA rely heavily on theatrical performances, and European audiences have not returned to theaters post-COVID. Box office in several major territories including France, Germany and Italy remains well below pre-pandemic 2019 number. Of this year’s Best Picture nominees, only Österlund’s highly entertainingsad triangle is a sleeper in the Oscar race that can claim to be a hit red. The film, co-produced by Sweden, Germany, France and the UK, grossed over $ million worldwide, strong performance in Europe.

CORSAGE - Cannes Film Festival

CORSAGE - Cannes Film Festival

‘The Triangle of Sadness’ – Fredrik-Wenzel_Plattform-Produktion

As is often the case in EFA, Politics Takes center stage .

A sign of solidarity with Ukrainian filmmakers whose film industry has been devastated since Russia invaded the country in February , this year’s Eurimages Co-production Award was awarded to all Ukrainian filmmakers for excellence in European co-productions.

Many Ukrainian producers, including some currently fighting on the front lines of the war, sent a video message to EFA thanking them for their support. An unidentified man then stood up in the crowd and held up a Ukrainian flag, calling for the release of Maksym Butkevych, who was captured by Russian troops in Luhansk oblast in June Ukrainian journalist and human rights activist.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, one of Europe’s top politicians, accepted the inaugural European Sustainability Award, addressing an EFA audience via video link Prix ​​Film4Climate aims to celebrate “European institutions, companies or films” that have made outstanding contributions to promoting sustainable development of the film industry. Von der Leyen accepted a set of policy initiatives aimed at making the EU climate neutral through the European Commission, which was honored for its European Green Deal.

“We need everyone, every community and every industry to make a difference,” von der Leyen said, urging those present to do more to help European economy towards a green future. “You have the power to change hearts and minds, and you can show people that everyone can make a difference for the planet.” The Prix​​ Film4Climate award takes the form of an Icelandic birch tree, planted in the “European Forest” near Reykjavik. Movie Forest”.

European Discovery Award – Fipressi Award for Best Debut Film by Italian director Laura Samani for Small Body, an early dark period drama 1900 who experienced trauma after the stillbirth of her first child. The Best Short Film award went to the Slovenian animated drama Granny’s Sexual Life , co-directed by Urška Djukic and Émilie Pigeard.

Fernando León De Aranoa The Good Boss starring Javier Bardem won Best European Comedy Award, despite protests from the film’s producer, Jaume Roures. “It was a mistake – this movie is a drama, not a comedy!” he insisted.

“We tried to make a play and it didn’t work out,” quipped De Aranoa.

Best Animated Film goes to No Dogs or Italians Allowed from director Alain Ughetto, and from director Mantas Kvedaravičius Mariupolis 2 won Best European Documentary Award 1900. Kvedaravičius was killed while filming the film, which documents events in Mariupol, Ukraine, during the current Russian invasion. His daughter accepted the award on his behalf.

The EFA Craftsmanship accolade, known as the European Excellence Award, was announced ahead of Saturday’s awards ceremony. Winners include Kenneth Branagh All Quiet on the Western Front Belfast , Best European Production Design for Jim Clay and Best Costume Design for Charlotte Walter; Kate McCullough for filming Best European Cinematography for Colm Bairéad’s Irish Drama Quiet Girl; and Edward Berger’s German World War I drama
Quiet on the Western Front , for Frank Petzold, Viktor Müller Best European Visual Effects for Markus Frank and Best European Makeup and Hairstyling for Heike Merker. CORSAGE - Cannes Film Festival

CORSAGE - Cannes Film Festival

“Quiet on the Western Front”


Cyril Dion’s documentary Animal follows two French teenagers with scientists and activists around the world Meeting, Finding New Ways of Symbiosis with Other Species, won the Young Audience Award, voted for by young filmgoers from all over Europe.

European University Film Award (EUFA) was awarded to EO by Jerzy Skolimowski.

Also announced ahead of Saturday’s ceremony is the European Prize for Innovation in Narrative, awarded to veteran Italian director Marco Bellocchio ( Renegade , Wedding Director ) limited series Exterior Night for RAI, tracing the days of former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro in Kidnapped and assassinated by the Red Brigade.

Directed by Elia Suleiman(Divine Intervention, It Must Be Heaven) received this year’s European World Cinema Achievement Award, the first Palestinian filmmaker to be so honored, while groundbreaking German feminist director Margrethe von Troh Tower ( Hannah Arendt , German Sisters ) received 1900 European Lifetime Achievement Award. A full list of CORSAGE - Cannes Film Festival European Film Award winners follows.

European Movies

Triangle of Sadness , dir. Ruben Östlund

1235277826European Director1235246977

Ruben Östlund for The Triangle of Sadness

European Actress

Vicky Krieps for Corsage

European actors 1235277826

Zlatko Burić stands for Triangle of Sorrows

European Screenwriter1235277826

Ruben Östlund for Triangle of Sadness

European Comedy

Good boss , directory. Fernando León De Aranoa

European Animated Feature Film 1235246977

No dogs or Italians allowed , dir. Alain Ughetto

European Documentary 1235221454

Mariupolis 2 , Director. Mantas Kvedaravičius


Small stature , directory. Laura Samani

European Short Film1235221454

Granny’s Sexual Life , catalog. Urška Djukic, Émilie Pigeard

European Innovation Storytelling

Exterior Night, directed by Marco Bellocchio

European Young Audience Award

Animals, dir. Cyril Dion

European University Award 1235277826

EO Director. Jez y Skolimowski.

European Movies 12352778261235277826 Kate McCullough for The Quiet Girl

1235277826 European Editor 1235277826 Özcan Vardar and Eytan İpeker for Burning Days

12352469771235208664Jim Clay for Belfast

European clothing design 12352778261235152389Charlotte Walter for Belfast

European Makeup and Hair
1235152389 Heike Merker for All Quiet on the Western Front

European original score 123522145412352778261235208664 Paweł Mykietyn for EO

Voice of Europe
1235277826 Simone Paolo Olivero, Paolo Benvenuti, Benni Atria, Marco Saitta, Ansgar Frerich and Florian Holzner for The Hole

European Visual Effects12352778261235246977 Frank Petzold, Viktor Müller With Markus Frank for All Quiet on the Western Front


To all Ukrainian filmmakers

European Sustainability Award – Film Climate Award 1235277826

European Commission Green Deal

Europe at the World Film Awards 1235277826

Elia Suleiman

European Lifetime Achievement Award 1235221454

Margaret von Trotta



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