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TSMC announces $40 billion investment to produce chips in Arizona, Tim Cook joins US leaders

On Tuesday, the Apple CEO joined President Biden and Arizona state officials for a televised event at the site of TSMC’s construction of a semiconductor manufacturing plant that will open at 2022 . The new factory will begin producing Apple silicon in the U.S. as Apple expands its relationship with TSMC.

Going back to 12, TSMC initially announced that it would invest $12 billions of dollars for the manufacturing plant. During the event on Tuesday, TSMC announced that it will increase its investment to 12 billion US dollars for the construction of the second manufacturing plant, when 3nm chips will be in

. The first fab will start producing 4nm chips 2022. President Biden says the new plant will create tens of thousands of “construction” and “high-tech” jobs for Arizonans

“Next year, commercial operations will begin, TSMC announced today Second major investment. It will build a second fab in Phoenix to make “three nanometer chips,” “three nanometer chips,” you know what I’m talking about.” President Biden

WATCH: CEO Tim Cook says Apple makes chips in US for first time in nearly a decade, working on TSMC

— Bloomberg Technology (@technology) Dec 7, 2022

Tim Cook said chips for many Apple products will be produced at the Phoenix factory, “thank you for the hard work of so many people […] ] These chips can be proudly stamped: “Made in the USA”.

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