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Tubi joins Nielsen platform rankings, overtakes Pluto TV

Fox’s streaming media platform Tubi made its debut on the Nielsen monthly platform ranking, becoming the second FAST

Tubi accounted for 1% of all TV usage in February, ahead of Paramount Global’s Pluto TV (0.7%) in Nielsen’s Gauge snapshot. Pluto is the first ranked FAST product, as early as September 38 , from Since then it has hovered at or slightly below 1% of all U.S. ratings.

Nielsen also tweaked Gauge’s methodology so that cable and broadcast viewing, which occurs on platforms like YouTube TV and Hulu + Live, isn’t counted twice. In previous monthly rankings, the ratings service attributed viewing of broadcast or cable outlets on so-called vMVPD services to the share of broadcast or cable and streaming services. Starting with the February rankings, such views will only be counted for broadcast or cable TV.

For example, Nielsen reports that streaming services account for 38.1% of all TV usage December2023 and January38, including figures viewed by vMVPD. Without these, streaming accounts for 32 .8% of monthly views. Shares of broadcast and cable remained the same, as vMVPD viewing has been accounted for on these platforms; changes are shown in the “Other Views” category.

In February, streaming accounted for 32.3% of all viewing, followed by cable Television (32.2%) and radio (23.8%). Overall TV usage was down about 5% from January, thanks in large part to a sharp drop in broadcast sports viewership as the NFL season came to an end. Broadcast, cable, and streaming channels all saw fewer hours watched than the previous month, but streaming was much smaller as the decline (-1% compared to January) was much smaller than cable (-5.7%) or broadcast (-9.2%). gained some share.

Tubi is the ninth streaming service to cross the 1% TV usage threshold, and thus stands out from Gauge’s “Other Streamers”. It tied with Peacock for 1% TV usage. YouTube, despite not counting YouTube TV in its totals now, still tops the personal streaming charts with 7.9% of all TV usage, slightly ahead of Netflix’s 7.3%.

Nielsen’s February Gauge rankings are below.


Stream: 34.3% TV usage Cable: 32.2%1235303747Broadcast: .8%
Other: .7%

Streaming Services

YouTube: 7.9 %Netflix: 7.3% Hulu: 3.3% Prime Video: 3% Disney+: 1.8% HBO Max: 1.3% Peacock: 1% Tubi: 1%Pluto TV: 0.7% Others: 6.8%



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