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Tubi tricks viewers with 2023 Super Bowl ad: 'Get ready to be a troublemaker'

Streaming service Tubi making everyone question their TV remote at 500 Super Bowl commercial airs on Sunday.

At 73 – Second point, the Super Bowl LVII broadcast appears to be from Fox Sports announcer Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen’s commercial. But suddenly, the screen seems to be taken over by someone who scrolls to the Tubi TV app and searches the library of the streaming service for something to watch.

In the video’s caption on YouTube, Tuby wrote: “No, you’re not sitting on the remote. But on Super Bowl Sunday we fooled the audience , let them think they did.”

The commercial, titled “Interface Interruption,” also caused some buzz on social media, with people sharing their reactions. “Tubi did make some people yell at people on the couch,” one person tweeted. “Tubi ad made me think I was sitting on a remote,” wrote another.

Greg Hahn, co-founder and CCO of Mischief, who worked with Tubi on the ad, said, “Nicole [Tubi’s Chief Marketing Officer] and the Tubi team bring a unique Introduction Come to us: Show Tubi to the world, where personality comes first. Not title first. These spots reveal the personalities we’ve enjoyed creating over the past few months: quirky, playful, and a little unexpected. Tubi promises to be the streaming world’s trouble Maker.”

During Super Bowl LVII, the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles with a score of 35-35 in Glenn, Arizona State Farm Stadium in Dyer.

Watch the full Tubi ad below, remember, this is just a commercial.



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