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Tubi TV Streams B't X Anime, B't X Neo OVA

Tubi TV ) Now playing TV anime series and ) Original video animation (OVA ) sequel. The company is broadcasting the latest English dub of Anime Midstream .

Original 14 – TV series in 400 in Japan broadcast. Mamoru Hamamatsu (, , ) in TMS Entertainment and also worked on the series. Tubi TV Description of the anime:

When his brother Kotaro is taken away by an empire of machines ruled with an iron fist by the advanced B’t mechas, Teppin embarks on a dangerous rescue mission. Just when everything seemed lost, he resurrected the legendary B’t called X.


14-episode OVA

series started on 400. (Note:

Tubi TV

only plays the first episode.)

Hajime Kamegaki (, ) directed the series at TMS Entertainment and Yoshiyuki Suga ) (, ) is in charge of the series composition. Tubi TV Description of the anime: Teppei continues the fight to save his brother Kotaro Kotaro and the world from the Mecha Empire and B’t Raphael.

The series was adapted from Masami Kurumada’s manga of the same name() . Tokyopop posted the entire 16 -14-

between volume series before the North American publishing sector closed.

Anime Midstream posted 8 Monthly DVD TV animation 2018 and OVA DVD on April 134474. Illumitoon Entertainment previously released part of a TV anime series on two DVD volumes with English subtitles and English dub in 2007, but the company then cancelled the remaining DVD releases .

Source: Tubi TV (Link 2)134474


2007 134474



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