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Tucker Carlson breaks silence after Fox News firing

Tucker Carlson

has broken his silence since Monday’s surprise announcement that he was fired from Fox News .

In a two-minute-plus video posted on his Twitter, the former host of Tucker Carlson Tonight Start by saying that “a few days away from the noise” allowed him to see “how many really good people there are in this country.”

“Good decent people, people who really care about the truth, And a bunch of funny people — a lot,” he said. “Even now, it has to be the majority. So that’s heartening.”

Carlson also said he noticed how “stupid” most debates on TV are Unbelievable.” He went on to say that they are irrelevant and pointless, noting that five years from now, people won’t even remember seeing the debates.

“Trust me, as someone involved. Yet at the same time – and this is the amazing thing – there are undeniably big topics, those that will define our future topic, there was hardly any discussion,” he added. “War, civil liberties, emerging science, demographic change, corporate power, natural resources—when was the last time you heard a legitimate debate about any of these issues? It’s been a long time.”

Carlson continued: “The American media does not allow this kind of debate. Political parties and their donors have come to a consensus on what is good for them, and they are actively colluding to shut down any conversation about it. Like a one-party state. It’s a depressing realization. But it’s not permanent.”

Formerly Fox News political commentator said he didn’t think those orthodoxy would last because no one believed them and no one’s life improved because of them. The “persons in charge” knew this, which was why they were “hysterical and aggressive,” he explained.

“They were scared,” Carlson said. “They give up on persuasion. They resort to force, but to no avail. Honest people become powerful when they speak the truth calmly and without embarrassment. Meanwhile, the liars who keep trying to silence them Backed off. They got weaker. That’s the iron law of the universe. Real things prevail.

Fox News announced that it had agreed to part ways with Carlson and thanked him for his service on Monday. The decision seemed to come out of nowhere and his show was routinely rated on certain days in the network and all cable TV The highest-rated show.

When Fox finds a replacement for Carlson, the guest host’s rotation will fill a show called

Fox News Tonight New show.



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