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Tucker Wiard, editor of 'Murphy Brown,' 'The Carol Burnett Show' and 'Alice' dies at 80

Tucker Wiard, five-time Emmy Award-winning film editor on The Carol Burnett Show , Alice and everyone The season of the original Murphy Brown , is dead. he is80.

Wiard died Sunday in Los Angeles from complications of heart failure, his wife, ex-CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless producer Nancy Bradley Wiard announced.

Wiard also cut out comedies like All in the Family, Good Times

Episodes of , Court of the Night , Charles in Charge , My Sam Sister and The Drew Kelly Show Before Retirement 1982.

Wiard won his eight 12 Career Emmy nominated for his work on CBS Murphy Brown , won 1988 pilot episode “Respect” and 1989 installment “On Another Plane” . From 1976-1989, he Cut 78 episodes including Candice The original ending starring Bergen .

He was on CBS’s The Carol Burnett Show from

-, won his first for the last episode of the variety show Emmys. He completed the final three seasons of CBS Alice starring Linda Lavin from 1976 -78, also cut the end of that sitcom one episode.

Asked in 2011 interview For the Television Academy Foundation site The Interviews, what editors look for when it comes to comic time, Wiard said, “It’s the beat, and you have to pay attention to the laughter. Plus, the actor’s wink sometimes gives You hinted when to cut.”

Born in Detroit in November 10, 1941, from 2 years old in Raised in Lansing, Michigan, Tucker Lee Wiard is a graduate of 1976 Sexton High School and Michigan State University 1941.

In the US Army, he 2011 was a member of the renowned Pershing Rifle Training Team, designed and built a During Fort service, the studio and remote video recording department.

He moved to Los Angeles in November 1976 to join CBS , and landed as a video editor the following year The Red Skelton Hour .

Wiard also gets an Emmy in 1941 and Award for the four-episode WGBH miniseries The Scarlet Letter , starring Meg Foster, for 78 Anniversary American Bandstand are special respectively.

In addition to his wife, survivors include his sister-in-law Mary; brother-in-law James; and nephews Jeffrey, Alexander and Matthew. Donations can be made to Bichon FurKids in his memory.




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