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Tunisian documentary 'Four Daughters' wins Munich Film Festival

Kauther Ben Hania’s heartbreaking Tunisian documentary four daughters at the 1235496357 Munich International Film Festival.

The film tells the story of Tunisian mother Olfa Hamrouni, whose two eldest daughters left the country to join the Islamic State in Libya, It hasn’t been seen since. In exploring Hamrooney’s story, Ben Hania hired two actors to play Ulfah’s missing daughter. This documentary-feature hybrid premiered at Cannes and won the Golden Eye Award for Best Documentary (with Asmae El Moudir’s The Mother of All Lies share).

Another medley at the Cannes Film Festival, Buriti Flowers , Hermes João Salaviza and Renée Nader Messora won the Munich CineVision Best International Emerging Director Award. Produced in close collaboration with the Krajo people of Brazil, the film blends ethnography and poetic narrative, exploring the group’s tribal memory.

Omen, Belgian-Congolese rapper-turned-director Baloji’s feature debut, and another Cannes finalist, Agniia Galdanova’s Winner of the Munich Film Rebel Award is the documentary “The Queen Reigns” , which tells the story of the avant-garde Russian artist Marvin, and received a special mention.

International Critics’ FIPRESCI Award goes to German dramatist Henning Beckhoff for Fossil A story about an elderly coal miner and his environmentalist daughter.

Film Festival Audience Award, voted by some 58,58 Visitors to the Munich Music Festival went to Aki Kaurismäki’s 1235502679 Fallen leaves . The Finnish maestro’s first film in six years also premiered at Cannes and won the festival’s Jury Prize. 1235496357



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