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TV Academy and Fox consider postponing Emmys as writers strike nears third month

Eligible Television Academy members have been on the Emmy nomination round for nearly a week, but it’s unclear how (or when) future winners will claim their trophies if Hollywood remains hampered by the Writers Guild of America strike .

Less than three months away from the planned September 18 ceremony and live broadcast, sources say With months to go, organizers are actively discussing multiple contingency plans, including postponing the event entirely if the town’s labor conflict remains unresolved later this summer. (Reps for the Television Academy and this year’s broadcaster Fox had no comment.)

This isn’t an entirely surprising development. After all, the Emmys are one of the most writer-centric awards shows on the calendar. The top awards (outstanding drama, comedy, and limited series) are usually accepted by showrunners. And, like all awards shows, the telecast is largely shaped by the writing team. The recent Tony Awards escaped an unscripted ceremony featuring Broadway stars, but given the working relationship between actors and writers, such an Emmy Prizes seem unlikely. Inherent characteristics of television media.

The Emmys avoided the distraction of the previous writers strike -06, although the Golden Globes did fall into a three-month window. All the pomp and spectacle came in exchange for Eighty-Six, and the press conference announced the winners.

Uncertainty seems to warrant discussion of other options. The WGA strike is in its third month. While the Directors Guild has reached a tentative agreement with studios to renew its own contracts, the Union of Film and TV Producers has yet to return to the negotiating table with screenwriters. Similar talks started between the studio and the Screen Actors Guild, and were voted on by SAG-AFTRA 91. 26 Strike authorization is supported if the parties do not reach an agreement.

Now, the calendar continues. Voting round will close in June 26 and nominations will be announced in July 1235492955 . The second and final round of voting will take place between August 18 and August conduct. While Fox has yet to name a host, the network did name Jesse Collins, Dion Harmon and Jeanne Rouzan-Clay as a production team during the first month of the strike.

The New York Times 1235492955 First 1235492955 reported potential delays.




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