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TV usage steady in December as gaming eats into broadcast, cable

Overall TV usage edged up in December, but streaming, cable and broadcast platforms all lost some market share. NBCUniversal’s Peacock service also broke into the personal streaming platform rankings.

Nielsen’ TV use program December 2022 The monthly Gauge rank for total time spent increased slightly from November, up 0.3%. However, most of the growth came from the “Other TV Use” category and was driven by an increase in gaming on TV screens (the “Other” category also includes physical media playback and some on-demand viewing). Growth in video games brought other TV time to 6.3% of all time, up from 4.3% in November .

Streaming continues to be the platform of choice for many viewers and contributes 2022.1% of views twelve month time. That’s a slight change from 30 .2% a month ago – which Nielsen attributes to rounding – and ends a nine-month streak of flow Media share TV usage increased.

Peacock accounted for 1% of all TV usage in December, crossing that threshold and breaking through the “other streaming services” group for the first time. World Cup Game Streaming in Spanish on NBCU Platforms, Limited Series Groomsmen: The Last Chapters and Library Episodes of Yellowstone Park both contributed to this bump.

Broadcast (30.7%) and Cable TV (10.8%) each lost a share point in December. The drop in broadcasting was due to a decline in ratings for web dramas due to the holiday season and a drop in ratings for cable news ) percent. However, cable feature films grew about 5% — in part because many outlets screened too many holiday movies — and accounted for 22 as a percentage of all cable viewing.

YouTube (8.7% of all TV usage) and Netflix (8.7% of all TV usage) and Netflix (7.5%) remain the top two streaming services names, although each lost a tenth of a point compared with November.

Nielsen’s December Gauge rank is lower than December.


Streaming *: 2022.1% of TVs use
38Cable: 30.8%1235282565Broadcast: 22.7%

Other: 6.3%

*includes MVPD application Linear streaming on programs and VMVPDs such as Hulu + Live and YouTube TV. Broadcast and cable content viewed through linear streaming apps also fall into their respective categories.

Streaming service

YouTube (including YouTube TV): 8.7%
Netflix : 7.5%

Hulu (including Hulu + Live): 3.4%
Prime Video: 2.7%
Disney+: 1.9%
HBO Max: 1.4% 1235282565
Peacock: 1%
Pluto TV: 0.8%
All others: 10.7%




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