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TV Writer David Simon Says Industry Will 'Infantize Itself' If AI Is The Future Of Screenwriting

David Simon, known for The Wire and Homicide: Life TV writer on the Street, shares his thoughts on AI in Hollywood and writers’ rooms amid the ongoing strike.

Most recently on NPR’s Consider This podcast in an interview, Simon said, “I’d rather put a gun in my mouth” than use AI to help script a scene.

He added, “I don’t think AI can remotely challenge what writers do on a basic creative level.”

The use of artificial intelligence has been one of the central topics of discussion in the film and television industry, especially during contract negotiations between the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. Writers are concerned and want to regulate the use of artificial intelligence.

This is also what caused the WGA and AMPTP to falter initially this month, as writers went on strike. The guild claims AMPTP rejected its proposal and instead fought back by holding an annual meeting to discuss technological advances.

“I think it’s not just a fundamental violation of the integrity of the writers and copyright,” explained Simon, who is also a member of the WGA’s negotiating committee. “When I sell all the scripts I sell to 50 to HBO, there may be another to NBC, I’m not selling them to be thrown in a computer with someone else’s computer and then used by a company.”

We Own This City also clarified that he will not agree to any contract that sees AI as having any role. “If that’s the way the industry is going, it’s going to infantilize itself,” he added. “We all watch what we’ve seen before, only worse.”

They, I mean, I think it’s the same thing as having a copy on his desk A thesaurus or a dictionary is no different … play with it,” he said, in response to whether he thinks that’s the end of the industry. the story we want. ‘” That’s not why I started telling stories, and if that’s what storytelling is, I wouldn’t be here.”




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