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Twitter employees claim NYC office reeks of chaos over layoffs

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Elon Musk’s tenure as CEO of Twitter has been to say the least It is eventful. These three months—only three months! — Musk has used everything from dismantling the leadership team to scrutinizing competitors to personally provoking public spats with crucial colleagues. It’s a journey. When the billionaire put his job to a public vote and lost, some thought the roller coaster had finally stopped.

However, never underestimate Elon Musk’s ability to swagger. He’s still in charge of Twitter – in his own words, Musk will remain CEO “until he finds someone stupid enough to take the job” (via KTVU) – and more importantly, for the foreseeable future , he will continue to serve as the sole shareholder of Twitter. He apparently intends for Twitter to provide at least enough profit to pay off his debt, which according to the New York Times requires $1 billion a year to pay interest. Unfortunately, this is the source of the bathroom problems.

A dirty job that no one is doing Down Detector Twitter

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One of Musk’s main strategies to maximize Twitter’s profits thus far has been to cut costs. Notoriously, Musk fired most of Twitter’s workforce — more than 75%, according to The Times — and encouraged many more to leave voluntarily, including firing most of the original board members, possibly to avoid paying severance fee. Twitter has since suffered some outages and technical glitches, which have been widely attributed to a lack of skilled employees.

Recently, Twitter’s lack of competent help has become more apparent. According to Insider, employees at Twitter’s New York headquarters have a Slack channel filled with complaints and requests from a surprising department: facilities support staff. With cleaning and maintenance staff largely laid off, and bound by its CEO’s insistence that everyone be in the office five days a week, employees reported that their facility was filthy and uninhabitable.

Some toilets have been reported to be clogged and unusable. Rubbish is said to be piled up like a mountain. Parts of the building were said to emit an unpleasant odor. Some workers were forced to bring their own toilet paper, a claim also reported in The New York Times shortly after Christmas — though, in this case, it affected workers in California. In short, the situation is dire. Whether or not Elon Musk is stepping down as Twitter CEO, he’s still in charge of setting health policy for the company under his leadership.



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