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Twitter employees 'go with the flow' as Musk makes another bid

Katie Paul and Sheila Dan

(Reuters) – Some Twitter employees were going through a company-wide planning process for next year when their phones started buzzing on Tuesday. Ring, saying that Elon Musk has reversed course again in the midst of his on-and-off $1 billion acquisition of the company.

This time, the transaction begins. The plans they are showing? Maybe not.

An employee described taking a brief pause in a meeting to record news before continuing the discussion.

“I think everyone is used to this drama,” the man said. “We just went with the flow.”

Months of bashing over the deal have accustomed employees to the uncertainty, and many welcomed news of Musk’s proposed return to the original price. Three company sources

, who were not authorized to speak publicly, told Reuters it was deja vu.

Social media platform, Musk accepted and rejected a seat on Twitter’s board, launched a bid to take the company private, and tried to pull out of the deal entirely.

The social media company is only pursuing about half of its projects, one employee told Reuters, as it is uncertain how many employees will flee, and to ensure it can deliver on its promises.

Many people lashed out on the platforms they run, tweeting about their confusion and futile thinking about future planning, while Musk is expected to call for changes to how Twitter operates.

“All the tired nerves, all the uncertainty, all the worry, all the back and forth, the struggles and anxiety of the people I care about,” tweeted JP Doherty, Twitter’s engineering manager .

“And we’re just back where it started, maybe. Incredible.”

Multiple employees tweeted a meme, The above shows an article marked “2023 PROJECT,” with one cartoon character first exclaiming “Wow” and then saying “This is worthless.”

Another The meme popular with Twitter employees shows characters from the cartoon show “SpongeBob SquarePants”, one labeled Elon and the other Jack, representing Twitter founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey, who publicly Support Musk’s bid.

The two stood smiling as the building burned around. “We did it, Elon! We saved Twitter,” the caption said. The stock surged more than 44%, one source said.

Others expressed doubts that Musk would follow through on his proposal after so much uncertainty.

“Wouldn’t have been surprised if it was a delayed strategy to gain more time for trial discovery, he would quit again after a month or so,” an employee said in a statement. wrote on Slack.



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