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Twitter will require phone number verification for Blue subscriptions

If you’ve been following the Twitter saga since Musk took over as CEO, you know that things are pretty chaotic at HQ. Not only was this a massive purge of Twitter employees, but when Twitter Blue relaunched, it allowed any user to pay $8 a month to get a verified check mark next to any profile name. This led to accounts impersonating and tweeting from public figures, celebrities and companies, and prompted Twitter to temporarily shut down Blue.

Over the weekend, Twitter Blue relaunched with the added ability to tweet up to 4, characters, yes Replies to tweets will be prioritized and users will see half of the ads. Shortly after going live, Twitter’s terms were updated to reflect that Twitter Blue requires a verified phone number. If you are not yet a Blue subscriber and have not yet verified your phone number, you will be prompted to sign a verification number as you proceed with your registration.

inactive in the past 30 days or changed profile picture, display name or username in the past 7 days Twitter accounts may also fail to sign up. Subscribers also need a verified phone number.

People who sign up for Twitter Blue will get all the Blue benefits immediately, such as edited tweets and longer videos (plus everything mentioned above), but won’t immediately watch to the check mark. Musk confirmed last month that all Blue accounts will be manually verified. Twitter Blue will cost $8/month when you subscribe via the web or $10 per month when you sign up via iOS to account for Apple’s App Store tax.




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