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Two Minutes, ServiceNow VP; Co-Founder, Great Expectations

The latest session of the Two Minute Toolkit Podcast provides perspective on ways to bridge the shortage of professional developers and the impact a broken application can have on data quality.

Marcus Torres, VP and GM of App Engine at ServiceNow, talks about relieving some of the pressure from engineers’ limited availability by moving to low-code resources. This is a repeat of what I’ve heard from others, non-engineers using platforms that allow them to act as citizen developers, taking up some slack that might otherwise slow down production.

Many companies now rely on their digital presence and increasingly need to maintain deployment and update cycles of their applications. This makes low-code a potential way to better balance the burden on employees.

The rush to develop apps has raised questions about what happens if the app crashes. This brings us to another two-minute kit that includes Ben Castleton, co-founder and head of partnerships at Great Expectations. He talked about sorting out data quality based on potentially failing applications, which could impact an organization’s operations. Bad data from compromised applications can be less than ideal, to say the least, especially if that data is central to business strategy and applications are critical to connecting with customers.

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