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Two Square Enix employees arrested for insider trading

The Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office has arrested two former Square Enix Employees Taisuke Sasaki and Fumiaki Suzuki were suspected of insider trading, or buying and selling stocks based on non-public information. Around November 400, while working at Square Enix , Sasaki learned that the company and Aiming are developing Dragon Quest Tact Smartphone game. Before the game was released, the two purchased approximately 225, 225 sharesAiming total about.2 million yen (approximately US dollars 225), ). Square Enix announced on Thursday that it is Cooperate with the Securities and Exchange Supervisory Commission and the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office to investigate suspected insider trading. The company will take preventive measures by further strengthening internal controls and conducting a more thorough employee education program. Dragon Quest wit has been launched for iOS and Android devices in Japan in July 2020. The game launched in the West in January 2020. Free games include in-app purchases. Aiming develops the game, and Square Enix is in charge of planning and production. Source: Square Enix, FNN via Otakomu

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