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Two Ways to Wear Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid's Paris Party Dresses

Sometimes your best friend is also your best accessory. This is especially true for supermodels Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. After visiting Versailles, Jenner and Hadid led the way in a lace-filled daydream at Jacquemus before heading to Paris for a lavish dinner with a different outing. Each shape is made more intense by its juxtaposition.

Kendall captured the spirit of the City of Lights in a Bottega Veneta sequined limoncello midi dress, with reflections of the fabric in turn mirroring her strappy white sandals and buttery baguette bag. While Hadid also favors a monochrome approach, hers leaned toward earthy and rich: a brown tie-back, cropped tank top with circular cutouts, balanced with a pair of matching wide-leg trousers. A sleek updo, pearl necklace and black shoulder bag cemented the classic-chic ensemble.

There was an early air to this look, albeit high class, and French as expected. Despite their differences at first glance, both models prioritize the gameplay complexity synonymous with Paris–even if the city’s aesthetic exists only in our collective imagination. the best part? No need to stick to one camp: demure party dresses and subtly revealing ensembles combine to provide a solid foundation for this summer’s most elegant evenings.



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