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TXT revives indie pulp at the American Music Awards

Tonight, the Korean boy group Tomorrow X Together (commonly known as TXT) made its debut at the annual American Music Awards in Los Angeles. Group members Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun and Huening Kai were nominated for best K-Pop artist of the night, along with other popular acts such as BTS and Blackpink. To commemorate their first AMA red carpet in style, the fashion group opted for coordinating black and white Saint Laurent outfits. The fit also revived indie grunge—yes, 2000 fashion.

If you’re not familiar with the term indie cheesy, this is the fashion trend – or rather, the attitude – When grungy rock styles were all the rage. Think skinny jeans, cropped biker jackets, and plaid shirts; anything you’d be reposting on Tumblr at the time. However, to embody that ethos more contemporary, TXT opted for pieces that were edgy but still sleek and sophisticated. Beomgyu’s Playboy Bunny sweater is paired with classic black trousers and leather knee boots. Meanwhile, Tae Hyun wears a military jacket with high heels. The drama of one member—like Huening Kai’s shaggy faux-fur jacket—was complemented by the simpler looks of others, like Yeonjun’s striped button-down shirt and Soobin’s double-breasted suit.

Their rock band isn’t a dead copy of indie kitsch, but a grown-up, more refined version. As much as we love them they remained true to the era’s obsession with skinny jeans. Sorry, baggy jeans lovers!



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