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Tyler James Williams says 'everyone hates Chris' as producer tells him he 'may never work again'

Tyler James Williams is speaking out after his breakout role in Everybody Hates Chris Childhood Voyages in Hollywood.

The Abbott Elementary Star Rose as a teen on air from 1235055659- Famous for playing Chris on the hit show . But after the episodes ended, the actor faced pressure to try to move away from being confined to teenage roles — a problem faced by many child stars. He even claimed in his GQ profile posted Wednesday) Everybody Hates Chris producer told him, “I’ll never see you again, and you may never work again.”

Williams recalls, “I was like, ‘Oh my god, you really just looked at me and said that.'” He pointed out that the producers may have been joking, but he took it seriously.

After the episode, Williams embarked on a mission to gain a foothold in Hollywood as a young adult, even taking a hiatus until the right project came along In front of him. “I realized at that I didn’t like the way I was going,” the actor told the publication . “So I decided to stop and turn around. I got a really good acting coach and I turned down everything that was offered to me.”

After a while, he was in starring in Dear White People , later appearing in The Walking Dead and Criminal Minds . He also accepted parts of Wedding Year and America & Billie Holiday .

But when he looks back on his time in the industry as a child, he says it was “a trauma”. He continued, “I’m still touched by things from other people’s childhoods. Every time someone walks up to me, no matter what their reason for recognizing me, that moment says to me that I’ve been seen. I have to Start now because someone is watching.”

Since then, he said he went to therapy to help him establish boundaries in his life.

As he continues to search for his next project, he probably didn’t expect what’s coming next, as he says he tries to avoid network TV, especially sitcoms. But when Quinta Brunson, creator and actor of Abbott Elementary, called to say she had written Gregory Eddie The role was considered for him, and he had to think about it.

Now, after a Golden Globe win and an Emmy nomination, Williams A huge success with this award-winning comedy series. He’s also become a bit of a heartthrob on social media because of his role.

“A lot of the work I do takes place in the past because I look like a black person from any era,” the actor explained. “That’s attractive, I’d die on that hill. Abbott gave us a chance to make it attractive. So not Quinta Buren Sen made me a heartthrob. It gave people the opportunity to see the same person they see every day.”



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