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Tyler Perry says he's 'not interested' in majority stake in BET

Tyler Perry expressed interest in purchasing a majority stake in BET, following news that It’s far from a rumor that Paramount is exploring a sale.

The producer and studio owner, a longtime BET collaborator, recently dispelled the notion that he wasn’t entirely interested in the network at Tyler Perry Studios talks to Entertainment Tonight.

“Rumor? No, it’s not a rumor,” Perry said. “I’ve been there for four years and have had great success. I didn’t expect this to happen, so yeah… I’ll take it as much as I can if possible.”

The Hollywood Reporter First reported Interesting news from Perry, it is reported that Perry’s 2000 deal with Paramount is coming to an end. If he is able to make the takeover, a majority stake in BET would give the tycoon ownership of the brand, which airs many of his shows. At the time, multiple sources told the magazine that the deal was still in its early stages and that there were other interested buyers, such as Bryon Allen and P. Diddy.

Speaking with ET, the actor, writer, producer and studio owner explained the reasons behind his strong interest in purchasing BET shares, noting that it would Return the network to a black boss.

“I think Bob will be sad when he sells it, and I’ll be happy when it’s black again,” Perry said. “What is Shari (redstone) though? Viacom and Paramount? They’ve done extraordinary work with it. They didn’t let it fall by the wayside; they didn’t let it turn to dust. They nurtured it and cared for it. See Shari in this position saying, “I think it should be returned to the black owner? “I thought, ‘Well, look, this is the guy I like.'”

Perry added that despite facing ownership competition, he was ultimately comfortable with several Black figures are excited to be a part of these talks and to have a place in a Black-centric network.

“I’ve read Byron Allen and Paffey and everybody wants to bid and so on, and I think it’s really good,” he said. “That’s what I love about it—when Bob Johnson sold it at , I thought yeah, no black man could buy it. So now, seeing all these black people, men and women, who can afford to buy it? Man, it gets me so, so excited.”

Paramount, THR It is reported that it is expected to be in business, as well as commercial relations.



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