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Tyler Posey and Christopher Reed reunite in new 'Teen Wolf: The Movie' trailer

The wolves are back, and the wolves are howling again.

Teen Wolf’s latest trailer: Movie reveals wolves Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) returns with his long-lost but not dead lover Allison Argent (Crystal Reed).

Written and produced by Jeff Davis, the film revives MTV’s Teen Wolf, bringing back many of the original stars including Posey, Reed, Holland Roden, Shelley Hennig, Colton Haynes, Ian Bohen, Taylor Hoechlin and Seth Gilliam.

Trailer released Sunday at Teen Wolf: The Movie and Wolf Pack McCall and the rest of the shapeshifters make an appearance in a terrifying new evil at the Comic-Con Experience in São Paulo, Brazil. Although McCall is no longer a teenager, he is still an alpha and calls out to his pack. “I’m still standing. I’m still an alpha,” Posey’s character says in the trailer.

Argent is also featured throughout the trailer after her character is allegedly killed off in season 3 of Teen Wolf , This might come as a surprise to fans*) — or so they thought. With Silver’s help, McCall calls on the return of the Banshee, Coyote, Cerberus, Fox, trusted allies and new friends to help him against one of the strongest and deadliest enemies they’ve ever encountered.

The film, directed by Russell Mulcahy, is available at Premiere Teen Wolf aired on MTV for six seasons.

Teen Wolf: The Movie January Stream12 in Paramount+. Watch the official trailer below.



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